On the Web: MapMyRun

MapMyRun.com is an essential tool for travelers who wouldn't dream of skipping their run while they're away from home. Why just jog a few miles from your hotel when you can find trails and paths throughout the area rated by other serious runners?

Finding a running route, with maps and ratings, might be the most obvious thing you can do on the site — but MapMyRun also is a community where you can meet up with other runners, find races and events, share stories and photos or join interest groups.

Too independent for group activities? Create a workout calendar or get a training plan for a marathon. The Web site is useful for nonrunners, as well. When you click "Search for Runs" and plug in the city and distance in miles, you can use the pull-down menu for "route type." I was surprised to find such options as biking, dog walking, hiking, skating, mountain biking and kayaking. (The site is part of the MapMyFitness family, which includes MapMyRide, MapMyHike and more.)

An overwhelming amount of information and features on the site can be seen as a plus or a minus. Webophobes might find the video tutorials (on the help page) comforting.

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