Ocean Kiteboarding at Pistol River State Park

Ocean Kiteboarding at Pistol River State Park

Ocean kiteboarding is probably the most difficult and most dangerous way to be pulled across the water, and sailing over the Pacific Ocean along the Oregon Coast is not for the inexperienced or faint of heart.

While being pelted by winter rain in gale-force wind appeals to a few, the more sane kiteboarders wait for more moderate spring or summer adventures.

Even so, this time of year surf can still be rough and high on the coast and is best left to the intermediate or advanced "kiter."

A favorite location for ocean kiteboarding and windsurfing is Pistol River State Park, between Gold Beach and Brookings, just a short walk from Coast Highway 101.

Conditions are so good that the area has hosted a number of windsurfing and kiteboarding tournaments.

Remember, this is the Oregon Coast, so be prepared with a wet suit. Water temperature never gets much above 50 degrees.

For information, including other activities available at Pistol River, call 1-800-551-6949 or visit the State Parks Web site at

Detailed kiteboarding information, including lessons and a guide to the best Southern Oregon and Northern California locations, is available from Kite Zombies' Web site at

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