Lake Outlook

AGATE - Bass fishing has tapered off, but some decent catches are still happening for those fishing grubs slowly off the bottom. Some good crappie fishing is going on with night crawlers or small red jigs. Bluegill remain active throughout the day.

APPLEGATE - The lake continues to drop quickly, with in-flows of only 43 cubic feet per second and out-flows of 260 cfs to keep chinook salmon redds full of water in the river below. Trout fishing is holding on near the dam and off points for trollers working the top 15 feet of water. Woolly buggers and Triple Teasers spiked with a piece of worm are a good bet. Bass fishing is good on cloudy days off points and near structure. Anglers can keep up to five rainbow trout or stocked salmon a day, but only one fish can be more than 20 inches long. Also, no bass between 12 and 15 inches can be kept, and only one bass longer than 15 inches can be kept.

EXPO - Fishing for bluegill is good. Fishing with bait from a bobber or on the bottom with weight is the easiest presentation here.

HOWARD PRAIRIE - Trout fishing is gradually improving as the lake continues to cool. Early morning is best for bait anglers fishing along shelves and around the channel. Evening anglers are doing well trolling woolly bugger flies, Tasmanian Devils or Triple Teasers. Smallmouth bass fishing remains very good throughout the lake, with fish hitting a variety of crankbaits, spinners and surface plugs. The vast majority of the fish are very small.

HYATT - Cooler nights have helped jump-start the lake's trout fishing, with trollers who work the old creek channel doing best for rainbows. Some trout catches have occurred off the BLM campground in deeper water. Fishing for trout is best at dusk. Smallmouth bass are very abundant and easy to catch on worms, small spinners and top-water baits over the weed beds.

DIAMOND - This year's fingerling trout are 10-12 inches long and keeping anglers busy at the south end of the lake. A good complement of 16-inch rainbows remains in the lake, as well. Good late-season fishing usually occurs in the shallows near the north end. The lake closes to all angling Halloween night.

Worms fished six feet under bobbers continue to work for rainbows throughout the day, especially when fished around the rims of weed beds. Evening and first light, however, are best. Trolling woolly bugger flies or Triple Teasers also is good at dusk. The speed limit remains 10 mph all day.

EMIGRANT - There's very little pressure from anglers on the water, though trout fishing should be improving off points and near the dam. Bass fishing is fair to good in the early morning and evening. Yellow perch remain available in the upper end in the willows and around Songer's Wayside.

A health advisory about eating all but trout from the lake remains in effect because of elevated mercury levels.

FISH - Lunker trout released there recently remain around the Forest Service boat ramp and near the resort. Trollers are catching them, as are those floating PowerBait off the bottom. A few trout have been caught on worms about six feet under a bobber.

TENMILE - Largemouth bass fishing remains very good. Bass have been caught in shallow water around willows or other trees in the water using jigs.

LOST CREEK - A public-health advisory issued a month ago remains in effect due to a bloom of toxic blue-green algae. People and pets are advised to steer clear of the water until further notice. Anglers who do fish should avoid touching the water or inhaling droplets, and practice catch-and-release fishing because the toxins cannot be boiled, filtered or cooked out. The lake is dropping quickly, and it was down to about six inches above the minimum pool level scheduled to be reached Dec. 1.

LAKE of the WOODS - Fishing for recently stocked rainbow trout and kokanee has remained good with PowerBait floated about five feet off the weed beds near the middle and far sides of the lake. Worms and bobbers are working well near the Boy Scout camp.

WILLOW - Fishing has been good for stocked trout and bass, with trolling and still-fishing doing equally well. Warmer afternoons and evenings have been best. The boat ramps remain open and usable.

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