Hunting Outlook: May 20, 2010

JACKSON - The Youth Oregon Hunter Day is Saturday, May 22, for kids at the Denman Wildlife Area off East Gregory Road in White City. Kids will be able to try archery, shotgun skills, fishing and laser-shooting. Use of the equipment is free.

Turkey season remains open through Monday, May 31. Turkey numbers appear to be average, with most turkeys in low- to mid-elevation oak and conifer mixed forests with their associated meadows and clearings.

Turkeys will be feeding on green grasses and insects. Use locator calls before light or after dark to locate roosting trees.

Since the season opener, turkeys have been reluctant to come to calls in areas of heavy public use. Hunters can buy up to three tags this spring.

Bear hunting has improved as the animals have become more active. Hunters are reminded that they must bring their bear's unfrozen skull to a local Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife field office for a tooth extraction and measurements. The thawed head makes the process easier.

Coyote are abundant, and spring hunting for them is good around agricultural areas.

DOUGLAS - A lot of the hunting pressure on turkeys has dropped off, so now is a good time to fill that late-season tag. Most Douglas County turkeys are on or near mid-elevation private lands, especially around oak stands.

The spring bear season closes Monday, May 31. Bear numbers are good, with the highest numbers at lower elevations in the Coast Range and lower numbers elsewhere in the Coast Range and Cascades.

COOS - Bear hunters should concentrate on south slopes with forest openings. Bears will move to these places searching for grass that is beginning to grow with the warming weather. Predator calls should start to get their attention now that the season is closer to late spring.

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