Hunting Outlook: April 30, 2009

JACKSON/JOSEPHINE - Southwest Oregon bear tags are sold out. Bears are feeding in open grassy meadows and busy turning rocks. Focus on early mornings and late evenings along south-facing slopes. Successful bear hunters must check in the bear's unfrozen skull at Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife offices for tooth collection and measurement.

Turkey numbers appear to be above average, with most turkeys in low-mid elevation forests of oak and conifer mix with associated meadows and clearings. They will be feeding on green grasses and insects. Use locator calls before light or at dusk to locate roosting trees, then set up for them the following dawn.

Predator calling has become one of the best methods for cougar hunters. Focus on spring deer-migration trails for best success.

DOUGLAS - Early turkey hunting has been very good, with many hunters already done for the season. A lot of the hunting pressure has dropped off so now is a good time to find your turkey. In general, most turkeys are found on or adjacent to low-mid elevation private lands associated with oak savannah habitat.

COOS - Coyote hunting has been good for those using predator calls, but luring coyotes in thick brush can be challenging.

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