Hunting Outlook

JACKSON/JOSEPHINE - The blacktail buck season for rifle hunters has resumed, and the weather has enticed most of the bucks to work their way to lower-elevation areas.

Migration trails are great spots to intercept deer early in the morning and late in the evening.

Duck and goose seasons are open but hunting has been slow. The fields at the Denman Wildlife Area are not yet flooded. When flooded, they should provide good habitat for ducks.

Bears are still being observed by deer hunters so be sure to have your bear tag with you. Bears have been found in early morning and late evening in clear cuts and open grassy meadows.

All heads of hunter-killed bears must be checked in at Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife offices. Keep heads unfrozen for easier mandatory tooth extraction.

Western gray squirrel hunting remains open throughout Western Oregon. Squirrel hunting is a great opportunity for young hunters to hone their hunting skills. Squirrels are found throughout Jackson, Josephine and Curry counties with only a few hunters taking advantage of this hunting opportunity.

Fall turkey hunting should remain good with the calm mornings. Break up the flocks in the late afternoon then jump them the next morning to find the toms.

DOUGLAS - General season buck hunters are back in the woods and should do well in lower-elevation areas. Duck and goose seasons remain slow so far, largely due to the warm weather.

COOS - Duck numbers in coastal bays are increasing and they are anchoring the waterfowl hunt there. Most of these birds will be found feeding on mud flats and flooded grass around the bays.

Most of the ducks in the bays now are American widgeon, green-wing teal gadwalls and mallards. As the season progresses and inland valleys flood, the birds will begin to disperse there. This is a good time to hunt the bays.

Very good mountain quail and California quail hunting is occurring in brushy clear cuts and near agricultural areas.

LAKE - Deer hunting should remain good, and good numbers of mature bucks should be available in all units. Fawn recruitment was poor last year, so there will be a lack of yearling bucks.

KLAMATH - Early duck and goose hunting has been fair, but look for better success as more birds reach the area and more bad weather gets birds moving.

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