Hunting Outlook

JACKSON/JOSEPHINE - Muzzleloaders and bowhunters are struggling in the High Cascades, where most of the snow has melted. Muzzleloader season for elk ends Friday, and success so far has been light.

For deer hunters, most deer have reached their winter range, so focus on low elevations around oak trees and brush fields. Bucks are showing signs of going into rut. Hunters can consider rattling and calling to attract bucks.

Local duck and goose hunting has been fair, with the Denman Wildlife Area fields not yet flooded. Geese are thick along the Rogue River corridor as well as open grain fields. Be cognizant of riverside residents and other boaters when shooting geese from driftboats. Most fields are private land and hunters need to seek permission.

Fall turkey hunting has been fair, with most of the birds concentrated on private lands around oak flats. Find a piece of land with acorns and ask permission to hunt.

Bear hunters are reminded that the thawed heads of hunter-killed bears must be checked in at a local Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife station for a tooth extraction as part of a bear study.

COOS - Waterfowl are concentrated on mud flats and hunting for them has been very good throughout Coos Bay around Charleston.

KLAMATH - Miller Island is open for hunting on even-numbered days throughout the rest of the year. Waterfowl hunting has been fair.

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