Get Equipped: Wrist wallet

Get Equipped: Wrist wallet

Finding a place for your keys, ID or phone while on a run or hike can be frustrating. You can try stuffing it in your pocket, hanging it around your neck with some lanyard contraption or committing the ultimate on-the-go fashion sin: strapping on a fanny pack.

Sprigs' Banjee Phone Wrist Wallet offers a modern, low-maintenance alternative for outdoor enthusiasts. Made from antimicrobial polyester/spandex material, it has two separate pockets to hold everything you need — whether you're in an intense exercise session or just running errands. One zippered pocket carries cash, keys, IDs, credit cards and small music players. The other flap pocket fits all cellphone types, including iPhone, Blackberry and Droid. Zipper ensures your items are secure even during intense exercise, and low-maintenance design makes it easy to access stored contents with no fuss.

The wallet comes in a range of fun prints and colors and is double-sided so you can reverse it for a new look. Material is lightweight, wicks sweat to keep you dry and stretches to fit. It measures 5 x 4 inches.

The price is $16.50; also available in smaller size for $15 and reversible fleece material for colder weather. Wrist Wallets can be purchased online at

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