Survival Straps provide 550-feet of super-strong parachute cord in case of an emergency. People can wear them as a wrist band. The company replaces them for free if they are needed.

Get Equipped: Survival Straps

From dog collar to emergency tourniquet, a new survival tool packs many uses into a tiny package that fits on your wrist.

Survival Straps, a product that puts 550-feet of parachute cord into a bracelet, are made by a Florida company that donates half the proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project, a veteran's support group.

The company's website shares stories of people who have used the Survival Straps for a variety of uses. One person used the straps as a tourniquet for his leg after being ambushed while serving in Iraq. They were used to strap skis to a broken leg after a man tumbled down a cliff.

Survival Straps, which cost about $24.95, come in a variety of sizes and custom designs, but basically it's a bracelet made of tightly laced cord. Stainless steels shackles are used as a clasp.

If needed, the user breaks a small plastic seal and unwinds as much cord as needed. It's lightweight, highly portable and easy to find. Wearing it on your wrist means you don't have to search through a stuffed backpack to find it.

And, if you need to deploy the strap in an emergency, the company will replace the product for free. Just mail the opened strap back with a story about what happened.

It took me about five minutes to get the strap to deploy. I admit I hadn't read the instructions, but it doesn't unravel on its own. You need to untie knots, which could be tough in a downpour or in the cold.

Still, this will replace the coil of line I used to bring with me in my survival kit. It's much smaller and lighter, and it's for a good cause.

Buy the Survival Strap at or 800-971-3360.

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