Get Equipped: Sea to Summit Portable sink

Get Equipped: Sea to Summit Portable sink

Camping can be a great way to reconnect with nature, but you also want to make sure you leave the site as you found it. Initiatives such as the Leave No Trace movement encourage campers to follow some basic eco-ethic rules, including not cleaning dishes or bathing directly in rivers or streams, which can pollute bodies of water.

Sea to Summit's portable Kitchen Sink allows you to collect water for purification, personal bathing or dish cleaning. The BPA-free nylon sink stays upright when open, with a stainless steel ring to keep it from collapsing or flipping. Its seams are leak-free, so any water you pour into the basin stays there. The sink includes two webbed handles for easy transport. Fully collapsible to a compact size, it includes a storage pouch. It can hold both hot water and detergents and is available in three sizes: a compact, 5-liter size that works great as a dog water bowl; a 10-liter size perfect as a medium sink; and a 20-liter size for large groups or cleaning pots and pans.

Sinks are available in two colors (green and blue). The 5-liter sink is $19.95, 10-liter sink is $22.95 and 20-liter sink is $26.95. Order online at, or For a list of other retailers, visit Sea to Summit's store finder at

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