Countryside ramble to Eagle Point

One of my favorite bicycle rides in the valley is through the rolling countryside to Eagle Point.

There are several routes from Medford to the intersection of Highway 140 and Kershaw Road, which will be my starting point for this ride. One route is to travel north on Foothills Road, then take a right on Corey and left on Kershaw. Another route is to parallel Highway 62 on Crater Lake Frontage Road, turn east on Vilas, north on McLoughlin, east on Corey and north onto Kershaw.

Once you're at the intersection of Highway 140 and Kershaw Road, cycle north across Highway 140 on Kershaw road, bend to the east on Antelope Road and then north on Bingham-Brown Road for approximately 2 miles to Alta Vista Road. Turn west on Alta Vista and enjoy the views of the Eagle Point Golf Course.

A nice side trip involves turning east on Alta Vista for a short distance and then north on R.T. Jones Jr. Blvd. for a scenic ride through the newer homes that surround the east side of the golf course.

Continue west on Alta Vista then turn north on Shasta Avenue, where you can enjoy the new pavement to East Main Street. Turn west to get to Eagle Point city center, which is about 5 miles from the starting point if you stayed on course.

Several restaurants in downtown Eagle Point can satisfy your hunger pains. A favorite of the cycling group is the Barbwire Grill, which serves a great breakfast or lunch with quick service. In Eagle Point a visit to the historic Butte Falls Flour Mill adds only half a mile to your ride.

To return to Medford ride back the way you came, or add another 8.3 miles by exiting Eagle Point via South Royal Avenue, crossing Highway 62 to Nick Young Road. Follow Nick Young Road until it intersects with Agate Road. Cycle south on Agate, then east on Antelope Road until you are back to the Kershaw Road-Highway 140 starting point.

Wear your helmet, cycle defensively and enjoy cycling to Eagle Point.

Bicycling enthusiast Bob Korfhage of Phoenix is a former president of Siskiyou Velo bicycle club.

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