Roughing it at Tiller

Roughing it at Tiller

If the old campground is getting just a little too crowded for your taste, but you don't feel like backpacking into the wilderness, perhaps it's time to head for a slightly more rustic but civilized scene.

Tiller is one of those secret little hideaways, where the sound of your family's voices may be the only humanity you have to hear.

Located at a bend of the South Umpqua River, about 25 miles east of Canyonville and Interstate 5, the Tiller Ranger District offers eight developed campgrounds and 2 forest camps. With Forest Ranger permission, you're even able to camp outside of those sites.

None of the campgrounds have drinking water, but it's available from a hydrant in front of Tiller Ranger Station. The sites all have picnic tables, vault-type toilets, a gravel pad (except for forest camps) and a fireplace, although campers should bring their own firewood.

These sites are small, so large RVs should check at the ranger station before choosing a campground.

There's plenty of fishing and hiking, including some trips to some waterfalls most Oregonians have never heard of.

Download the District's recreation guide at, or call the ranger station for more information at 541-825-3201.

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