Snow biking

Snow biking

Just when you think it's time to hang up your bike for winter, along comes snow biking.

It's sort of a winter version of mountain biking with a little bit of an arctic chill thrown in. There's a touch of danger, too, and that means it's not a sport to try by yourself.

Bring a few friends, particularly someone who knows what they're doing, and take your time while you learn.

You'll be looking for a hill with a little bit of ice, covered by a light dusting of snow. Too much snow and you'll pedal yourself out. The better you get at riding, the steeper the hill you can try.

You're not going to find designated snow bike trails, so you may want to start with cross-country or snowmobile routes. Just check to make sure the area you choose has no restrictions and keep yourself and fellow users safe.

You can begin by adding some studded snow tires to your current bike, but there's more that you'll need.

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