The annual “Oregon Shoot-Up” is scheduled for Dec. 27 in Tigard.

Archery in the Beaver State


Whether you're practicing for an upcoming bow hunt or just pretending to be a resident of Sherwood Forest, archery is gaining popularity in the Beaver State.

If you're an archer, you know that with the rainy season upon us, you probably want a dry, indoor range like Broken Arrow Archery in Milwaukie, which offers a wide, 20-yard-long range for its winter and spring league action. Call them at 503-654-8012.

If you're looking for a tournament to freshen up your outdoor skill and give you that competitive edge, look for events like the "Oregon Shoot-Up," scheduled by Archers Afield for Dec. 27 in Tigard. Prizes will be awarded and pre-registration is suggested. Depending on the class, the entrance fee ranges from $35 to $65. Call 503-639-3553.

They also offer archery classes and weekly league competitions for all age groups, as do many of the archery centers throughout the state.

To find your nearest tournament or instructional class, contact a nearby archery club or dealer. You'll find an extensive listing at the Web site

If you need to know how to get started, check out the "Archery is Fun" Web site,, for links to complete information.

Writer Bill Miller lives in Shady Cove. Reach him at

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