Writer needs her cane

It was on July 4th as I was shopping at Fred Meyer North. Unloading my purchases as I returned to my car, I overlooked my walking cane and left it in the shopping cart.

Has anyone found my cane? I really need help to balance as I am an elderly person. The lost and found department does not have it. My label was glued to the handle. Please return my cane. — Opal Hodgen, Eagle Point

America is to blame when Islamic terrorists blow up a crowded Iraqi market because, as Christopher Lewis explained, the U.S. "set the stage for (terrorists) to prosper" in Iraq. If Canada invaded Washington and Oregon and, in retaliation, I decided to car bomb my fellow Oregonians, you should blame Canada. By invading, Canada set the stage for my murders.

Of course, all of the above claims are absurd. America's invasion didn't force or cause Islamic terrorists to murder innocent Iraqis just as Canada's invasion wouldn't force me to murder my fellow Americans. Human beings are moral agents, capable of making moral choices. People are not automatons. Terrorists choose to act in a way unjustified and undictated by the "stage." They alone bear the blame for their heinous crimes.

Had America allowed the murderers to brutally kill their victims in taxpayer subsidized "women's clinics" (open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. Monday-Friday and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday), Mr. Lewis would be correct to blame America for the murders. But in Iraq, the U.S. is pursuing the murderers in order to protect the local population and bring the Islamic terrorists to justice. Blaming America for murders committed by its enemies is completely senseless. — Drew Hymer, Medford

Fish are doomed because of hydroelectric dams. Birds are doomed because of wind farms. Humans are doomed because of pollution from fossil fuels.

Think about it! — N. A. (Newt) Likely, Jacksonville

A July 13 letter titled "Right-wrong anger predictable," should say, "Right predictable; wrong anger." The obviously "conservative" writer presented "half-truths" to back his statements. The jailing of two Border Patrol officers is a complete miscarriage of justice. A drug runner was shot in the butt, not the back, while trying to escape a legal arrest. He was given immunity by testifying against the officers, yet shortly was caught again bringing in drugs.

The Republican-biased prosecutor kept the second "drug trip" out of the trial. That knowledge would have helped the officers. While one is deserving of a reprimand, both should not have received 10- to 11-year sentences while the felon gets away with two illegal acts.

Interviews on C-Span questioning the legality of the prosecutor's actions were eye-opening — such double-speak! Since Libby, who lied to the FBI under oath, had his sentence commuted, so should these officers, who were just doing their jobs! — Donna Lee Norvell, Jacksonville

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