Talk-radio con artists

Most of the media's false statements about Iraq and 9/11 come from sleazy talk-radio programs, which consistently praise Bush, Cheney, Rove and Gonzales. In fact, these "conservative" shows have, since 1991, consistently disseminated false statements on a daily basis.

In 1993, bowing to the cop-haters and gun nuts, these same radio announcers re-wrote the Waco incident to the point where it no longer contained any truth. In reality, an armed group of sociopaths and ex-cons murdered four police officers in Waco in 1993. These "Davidian" psychopaths and gang members later committed suicide. A federal trial, a state trial and a May 2000 civil trial all confirmed this to be true.

As presented by talk-radio con artists, the Waco terrorists never harmed anyone, and were all devout churchgoing Christians. According to this version, police officers attacked them without provocation, and deliberately started a fire, killing 82 of the gang members.

All the facts accumulated by police, the FBI, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the Justice Department over a seven-year period show this scenario to be complete nonsense. Yet, these anti-American talk-radio clowns deliberately broadcast a story which they knew was false.— James Snyder, Medford

Did you read about the person who crashed through some "Road Closed" barriers and now plans to sue the state for tire damage? This points to two areas that need everyone's urgent attention.

One is how so many people are not paying attention to their driving; the other is not taking responsibility for their own stupid actions. Remember the person who sued McDonald's for serving hot coffee? Oh yes, there are hundreds more similar cases out there.

Finally, I think the person who busted the barriers should apologize to the state and offer to pay for the damaged barriers. — Victor Rogers, Ashland

Because immigration is important locally, our leaders should work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE, the federal agency formerly known as the INS) to help our community.

Immigration is a sensitive and nuanced issue, with competing interests and ramifications for public safety, drugs and employment. Discourse is often polarized. My family has been touched by one illegal migrant implicated in multiple crimes. However, state and local authorities have been unable to stop him, as he drifts from job to job in the underground economy, avoiding taxes and child support.

This is not a political rant or personal anti-immigrant vendetta. In my job I have helped immigrant families willing to work within the system. To be sure, immigration benefits Medford. My work has shown me the complexities of immigration from both sides of the border, and my wife is a legal immigrant.

Federal law provides the means by which police departments could receive training and resources under the "287(g)" program. We ought to encourage our police to ask ICE for these resources. This issue is too important for Southern Oregon to forego a chance to help protect our community. More information is available at — David C. Maness, Medford

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