Scouting is cool

"How do we make it cool again?" someone asked in a Mail Tribune story on scouting. I think we need to check the definition of cool.

When a boy has a huge grin on his face and says he just learned to swim with help from a teenage Scout, that is cool. When another comes to tell you he just shot his first bull's-eye on the range, that is cool; when you see a child building with his own hands using real tools, and he's proud, that is cool. When you see parents spending four full days committed to their child in an outdoor environment, that is cool.

Last summer at resident camp every Saturday morning we received a call from Afghanistan, just so one of our scouts could be with us for our flag ceremony. It helped him get through what he had to face that day. Over the phone we would cheer for him and share the raising of the flags with him. That is cool.

When your son comes home after five days and 50 miles of hiking and camping with only what he can carry and says, with self-satisfaction and confidence, that he doubts that too many of his friends can say they did what he just did, that is cool. — Kathy Sell, Eagle Point

So many letters have been criticizing President Bush, even to the point of calling for impeachment.Hey, back off! I'd like to see what kind of job the critics would do if they wore Bush's shoes. The only point of contention I have with him is the Iraq war, but who am I to say?

Let's support our president and keep this country strong. Soon enough we will have the chance to vote him out. In the meantime, let's cease the Bush bashing and give him credit for his efforts. — Marjorie Monroe, Jacksonville

Put library books in a warehouse in White City. People can order books on line by phone and get them in the mail, like Netflix, or the way the Library of Congress sends books on tape to blind people. Once someone teaches the computers to print address labels after the library card number is entered the rest of the process is so simple volunteers could do it.

Discard all the books that nobody checked out in 2006 so there is more room for multiple copies of books that are in high demand. The library can use the cheap media rate to mail books and we can pay our own return postage like we do when we vote by mail. Sell the libraries.

Keep the children's libraries open after school; they are special places in the lives of children. In some cases it will make sense to move the children's section to smaller buildings.

We'll save gas. The postmen will feel useful again; now they just deliver ads. And think how much fun it is to get a package in the mail! — Peter Silverman, Ashland

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