No kumbiyah evident

Don't you just love it! Ashland, the cradle of the "kumbiyah" mentality, has a City Council as dysfunctional as a mob family that now decides they have to visit the shrink in order to get along. All of this at a cost of $37,000 to the residents. So much for the so-called "progressive" way of doing things. I wonder how many Birkenstocks they could buy for $37,000. — Ted Krempa, Medford

Selecting Horowitz's column of scurrilous charges against the president to the tune of the "Hokey Pokey" shames even the Mail Tribune.

When deeply serious reflection is needed about our Iraq policy, the MT somehow finds an uncommonly juvenile column that's less funny than a child's grave.

A column insulting to everyone.

Himself because he flashes us with his uncovered "mind."

Liberals because he represents them embarrassingly against the George Wills.

Conservatives because he slanders their leader.

Moderates and registered independents like me because he's so gleefully malicious.

And all who have had guest opinion pieces on non-local issues rejected because the MT wanted to leave the big stuff to the adults — like Horowitz.

(Lest anybody misunderstand, this childish column is not inappropriate because it's left-wing but because it further pollutes public discourse.)

In a better world, his fellow liberals would lead the rush to condemn this silly, mean-spirited piece and the MT's selection of it.

Also in that better world, the MT would understand that serving up red meat to bloodthirsty partisans merely fuels their most cannibalistic impulses.

Readers, please encourage the MT to aim higher next time. — Martin Seim, Medford

God bless America and please hurry.

God, if you can hear me, please help the United States of America. My country needs your help. The United States is in serious trouble and no one here is able to make things better. I thought about making a list of our troubles, but I have a feeling you already know.

I hate to admit it, but I am scared. It is getting harder to say, "Proud to be an American." — Terry Smith, Central Point

I have a word of advice for the educators of this country. Students should wear uniforms.

When viewing TV, so many of the girls are just an inch from exposing their breasts. I know it's "the style," but it's tasteless to say the least. Girls wonder why they arouse sexual feelings in the male students. It would be interesting to compare the harassment statistics of public schools and those of private, uniformed schools.

TV is no help. Almost all the females are wearing low-cut attire except for the news reporters.

Any comments? — Marjorie Monroe, Jacksonville

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