More letters to the editor: Aug. 6

More letters to the editor: Aug. 6

What should we believe?

On July 29 the NY Times ran a story saying now that the Republicans failed to repeal the ACA, can it be repaired? Repaired? I thought it was doing fine and the Republicans were just making up stories.

Also on July 29, CNN Money reported that Marilyn Tavenner, head of the ACA, Medicare and Medicaid in the Obama administration and now heading the insurance industry lobby, has come out and said that "the status quo is unsustainable." What?! Wasn't that the Big Lie Republicans were pushing? How can We The People come to an informed position regarding health care, our government or anything else when our media does not give us the full story?

I do not have a dog in this fight, but I do want the biggest bang for my buck when it comes to our government and health care no matter what form it ends up being.

One note though: First-payer paid health care (no insurance involved) has gone up less than inflation while third-party paid has gone through the roof. Why? Because people shop around when it comes out of their own pocket and they don't pay attention when someone else pays.

Mike Stewart

Central Point

Hair-raising stories

I totally enjoyed the July 30 story, "I Brake for Lighthouses" by Paul Hadella, about his visit to the Cape Blanco lighthouse. Have wanted to do my own story about Oregon coastal lighthouses. I will one of these days.

We have a great book, "Lighthouses of the Pacific" by Jim Gibbs. Chapter 3 is my favorite: "Ghosts, Apparitions, Unsolved Mysteries and Tragedy." Love these stories and spending time around the campfire with kids making s'mores. I would embellish these stories with my own thoughts and send these kids and parents off to bed with the hair standing up on the back of their necks. Thanks for your story.

Jack E. Shaffer


Trump's failed agenda

The U.S. healthcare system has been plagued for decades by skyrocketing costs and serious disparities in access and outcomes between whites and minorities. All the players in the industry agreed that major reform was needed. President Obama managed to pass the ACA, expanding access to healthcare for over 20 million Americans.

As with anything that complex, it needs work. Grownups might wonder why Congress doesn’t just fix the problems and be done with it. Why are Republicans so insistent on throwing the baby out with the bathwater and replacing it with something far worse?

The problem is, they vowed to make Obama fail but they didn’t. Now “Obamacare” is an embarrassing reminder that he could govern and they can’t. As payback, they elected Trump, one of the hate-mongers who spread stupid lies about Obama — he speaks for them.

For Trump, destroying Obama’s legacy is personal. It galls him that Obama is everything he can never be — intelligent, articulate, competent, popular and good looking. He’s actually threatened to throw 20 or 30 million Americans under the bus by destabilizing the insurance markets so he can say, “I told you so.”

Obama cares; Trump doesn’t. Bad (or sick) guy!

Michael Steely


Time to cull the herd

With due respect, unfortunately Ashland Mayor Stromberg and Representative Marsh have been misled. Urban deer management is possible and has been proven effective and successful. Cities in Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Connecticut and many other locales have successfully managed deer populations with skilled bow hunters.

Ottumwa, Iowa, a city of comparable size to Ashland, has had a successful deer management program since 2005. ( Hunters must demonstrate safety and proficiency to make an effective single kill shot. They must hunt from an elevated position to avoid straying arrows and must secure permission of property owners.

Deer management in Ashland, however, will require a change of perspective and attitude. In other locales, deer are regarded as a resource to be harvested for food. Hunters must agree to use the meat or donate it to a food bank.

In Ashland, the deer were not here first. Deer gravitated here for easy forage. Deer are not "cute" nor a "charming" part of our environment. Deer are dangerous, ravage gardens, pose an attack hazard to people and can attract cougars to town.

It's time we changed perspective and attitudes in Ashland and resolve to take charge of our environment.

It's time we culled the herd.

Don Stone


A skinny impeachment?

Instead of a "skinny repeal," how about a "skinny impeachment"? We could take away his cell, swaddle him in duct tape and lean him in the corner for the next three years.

M. Lewis


A fitting bust for Trump

The Clay Bennett political cartoon in the July 29 Mail Tribune, of President Trump on Mount Rushmore, was scathingly fitting. Over a year ago, during the presidential primary campaign, I watched Ann Coulter on television admiringly describe candidate Trump as an alpha male. The alpha word resonated, and ever since then I have characterized candidate Trump, and then President Trump, as America's alpha equine posterior.

It was a delightful surprise to see these four words pictorially illustrated, more than a year later, in our local daily newspaper.

Victor Mlotok



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