Medford police unresponsive

We own a home near South Medford High School. For 21/2 years we have tried to get help from the police regarding speeding and dangerous driving by students on our street. We've taken down license numbers and reported the offenders. We've requested an officer to come to our home to discuss any action we can take. Speed bumps? Radar?

We can't even get an officer to return our calls!

These student cars don't stop at the stop sign, drive in third and fourth gears, and race each other regularly. Three times this week, we watched our own "community service officers" in their little white "almost a policeman" car driving way too fast as well!

It is only a matter of time before another beloved pet is killed, or worse, someone's child.

We received two tickets in the same 7-hour period because our car was facing the wrong direction, in front of our home, while being repaired. That is the only action we've gotten from our police department. Where are the "community service" officers?

Will you ever take some action, Medford police, or will you wait until an avoidable fatality occurs before you will think that this is worth some time and investigation? Shame on you. — K. Christensen, Medford

A huge thank you to Robert, Tami, and the crew at New Stage Collision. After hearing of a wonderful lady at our church who in her volunteer work uses a car that needed some repair, but who didn't have the financial resources to do it, New Stage offered to do the work for free. Not only did they do it for free, but they did an incredible job.

What a blessing it is to have a business like this in our community, that sees an opportunity to give back and then does. Too often we hear just the opposite about businesses, so I am pleased to be able to publicly thank them. Thank you, New Stage Collision! — Craig Ellerbeck, Medford

I am really getting fed up with all of the negative letters and guest opinions from ex-library employees, union officials and guests from Portland criticizing the county administrator and Board of Commissioners for doing what the large majority of citizens of Jackson County want them to do.

If we can keep the libraries open for 24 hours a week for $4.3 million a year, then great! The so-called Friends of the Library insisted that the taxpayers cough up $8 million-plus a year or close the libraries, and the voters twice said to close them. Now a "countywide library district with independent powers to tax and fund all branches" is being proposed. Talk about turning a fox loose in the henhouse. Not a chance! — Larry Bryant, Medford

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