Letters to the Editor, Sept. 28

Letters to the Editor, Sept. 28

Who needs Broadway?

A friend suggested we go to the Craterian Theater to see the Next Stage Repertory Company’s “Next to Normal.” Having not previously heard of the Pulitzer Prize- and Tony-winning musical or The Next Stage Rep, we decided to go mainly to enjoy an evening with friends.

We weren’t prepared for the level of professionalism, the fabulous voices and emotional impact delivered by the play and its performers. This production delivers profoundly. The audience jumped to its feet at the end with shouts and enthusiastic applause.

Judging from the available seating, it should be no problem getting a ticket for the final two performances on Sept. 29 and 30. If you like musicals and want to be riveted to your seat, go see "Next to Normal."

Claudia Little


Thanks for monument support

I thank the editors of the Mail Tribune for supporting the current, larger Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument. Our monument is one of the biological gems of the United States with a huge number of unique plant species in one area. The expanded size was carefully studied and mapped by biologists who felt it was necessary to enlarge the area to preserve this wonderful place for future generations. Obama listened to their recommendations and added the land.

Secretary Zinke has no background in biology. His career has been primarily in the military and in business. In his report to shrink the monument, he clearly did not even understand which activities were allowed and which prohibited in the monument.

ls Zinke’s recommendation to shrink our wonderful Siskiyou Monument based on reasoned science or is it merely a handout to the lumber industry and giving a “win” to Trump to show his power to undo what Obama created?

Traute Moore


Both are wrong

I do not know how or actually where to start this letter. I think both President Trump's behavior and professional athletes who kneel in protest during the pledge of allegiance are wrong. I share Trump's opinion but condemn his vulgar attack. His language is not befitting a world leader and is an embarrassment to Americans.

While I believe in personal expression, I think it hurts the professional reputation of sports teams when players use games as a political venue. There are numerous television shows that would gladly air these grievances so there is plenty of opportunity to get a message out.

In my opinion, taking on the NFL is Trump's way of creating a diversion from the ongoing Russia investigation or other issues.

Margaret Bradburn

Eagle Point

Why not?

Every year there are floods somewhere in the United States. So, why doesn’t our filthy rich government put a stop to the flooding by building fake lakes and letting the too much water fill up the fake lakes instead of the cities and towns? It might cost a million bucks or so but it would save lives and millions of dollars of damage.

Also, every time a hurricane begins why doesn’t our government fill them with atomic bombs and make them go away?

Curt Kline


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