Letters to the Editor, Sept. 18

Letters to the Editor, Sept. 18

Trump's lies

Here some of the lies by Trump that people cover up:

He was for the Iraq war and now he is against it. He was for the invasion of Libya and now is against it.

He signed contracts with over 3,500 private contractors and now he will not pay them. He had these young girls perform at his rallies and now he will not pay them.

He promised to show Melania's immigration papers, but so far he has not done so. Where are his tax returns? Tim O'Brien (a journalist) has seen Trump's taxes and he is not the billionaire he claims to be.

First he is for animal rights, but he want circus to keep the elephants and his children are out killing wild animals in Africa. He lied about going to funerals of people who died on 9/11. Who lies like this?

Bruce Bauer


Differences are clear

I don’t know when the world started spinning backwards, but the other day a Republican vice presidential candidate praised “Russian hyper nationalism.” So much for the party of Joe McCarthy.

Take solace that “All politics are local.”

Both Senate District 3 candidates are reasonable, but look closely, because the differences between the candidates are clear and the evidence of who they represent is in what they have produced.

Tonia Moro, through long hours and hard work, is the reason we have restored bus service in Jackson County. Because of her efforts more employees can get to jobs so more businesses can serve more customers. She ran that campaign to win, even though most people thought it didn’t have a chance.

She will take her undauntable spirit and legal experience to Salem and we and the rest of the state will benefit.

Vote for Tonia Moro for Senate District 3.

Joi Riley


Defining the volk

Michael Gerson asks, “How is the American volk defined?”

For starters, how about the following:

American volk are all those who 

1. Are registered citizens

2. Can and will recite the Pledge of Allegiance, and 

3. Stand in respect during the National Anthem.

Juanita W. Bright

More land restrictions

A recent Mail Tribune article intimates that a large number of people support enlarging the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument. This isn't necessarily true!

An area of originally 53,000 acres (82.8 square miles) is quoted with proposing "a minimum of doubling the size," which would put the area at 165.6 square miles! This would lock out considerable uses of these public lands and their resources. It would substantially restrict access for the public, especially to less fit and physically hardy users, and put many natural resource uses off limits.

The article states increasing the monument size would make it more resilient to climate change? In reality, it would likely increase the risk to wildland fire impacts and destruction. It is highly doubtful and unsubstantiated that an expanded monument would bring more tourists and revenues!

Certain individuals and interest groups won't be satisfied until much of Southern Oregon and northern California public lands are locked up from many natural resource and public uses, through national monument or wilderness designation. Democratic administration officials historically have "back-doored" such land-use designations, which should be enacted by Congressional legislation if deemed qualified, by misusing the Antiquities Act and bypassing Congress.

David Jones


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