Letters to the Editor, Sept. 15

Letters to the Editor, Sept. 15

All talk, no results

I watched our Congressman Greg Walden give a vague and meaningless statement after the announcement that DACA had been rescinded. I am appalled.

Congress has failed three times in 10 years to pass this legislation. They've also had five years, since DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) began, as he said, to "work with colleagues." Did that happen? No. Now it's a heartless crisis that should have been avoided. He could have and should have worked on this long before this moment.

He has wasted years having Republican control of both houses. Come to think of it, this is reminiscent of our health care "crisis." With the Affordable Care Act, he had seven years to come up with a solution and "work with colleagues." That didn't happen either.

Greg Walden is ineffective and needs to be replaced. He is all talk and no results. I don't believe anything he says. I don't trust him.

Kristin Moline


Respect history

Here we go again. The blanket disrespect for our local history. "Let's change the name of Dead Indian Memorial Road" again!

Each time the same old rhetoric is spewed to reflect misguided inadequacies only to become irrelevant, for history cannot be changed. The name is not derogatory, nor does it defame Indians. There is nothing racist about observing that Indians were found deceased and the locals memorialized the event that is descriptive and commemorates history.

The event may offend some, however, it is a fact of life, no one can dispute history. The respect isn't in the changing of the name but in the lack of respect for our past. Those who live on the road are proud to carry that history on with the respect it deserves. Generations in all walks of life should continue to show their respect to our past.

History is who we are, love it or hate it. History isn't always politically correct, however the link to the past needs total respect. To tamper with history is just fooling ourselves into disbelief. To change the name brings righteous indignation to those who love and respect history.

Darlene Donnelly


Thanks to Phoenix

The 1st Phoenix Community Center Third Annual Back to School Clothing Give Away and Carnival on Saturday, Aug. 26 was a smashing success!

Blue skies and a group of volunteers greeted folks. A free bag of clothes, then let the fun begin. Indoor games and outdoor fun, including a water slide! When you got hungry we had hot dogs on the grill, fresh popped popcorn and snow cones — all for free.

Thanks to the generous donations of local residents and businesses, and an all-volunteer group whose hours of work, skills, commitment and energy created for our little town, the heart of the Rogue Valley: true community. We played and ate, solved world problems, splashed, laughed and connected. Thank you. All of you — the community of Phoenix.

Carolyna Marshall, board chair, 1st Phoenix Community Center


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