Letters to the Editor, Sept. 11

Letters to the Editor, Sept. 11

Medford needs Uber

In July, for the first time, I took an Uber in Boston. Everyone kept saying, "Try Uber!" "Uber is cheaper!" "Uber is fun!"

How could using an app be easier than just jumping into a taxi, a dime a dozen in any large city?

For one, Uber uses GPS to determine location so even if your driver speaks poor English or no English, there are no miscommunications. The app handles it all. The driver knows, when he accepts your ride, not only where you are with pinpoint accuracy, he knows your drop-off location. You also handle payment in the app — no need to have cash or haggle with your driver.

The other big perks with Uber are that it generally is cheaper if you use the UberPOOL option. And, I've never waited more than about five minutes for an Uber, which is nice! You can see where it is on the app, too. Try doing that with a traditional taxi.

Cheaper, quicker, driver ratings, rider ratings — what is Medford waiting for? Does our City Council not want to save us money and time? Because that's what will happen if they choose to vote no on allowing Uber here.

Steve Ryan


Taxation is not a crime

A sign facing Interstate 5 just north of the Crater Lake Highway exit says "Taxation is Theft." Taxation is much more.

Natural causes wiped out a section of Highway 66 on the Greensprings. The Oregon Department of Transportation announced it would close the road for one month and fix the chronic problem. Right on time, the road is passable again. Taxation is transportation.

All over America, public schools are open. Taxation is education.

Police, fire, VA facilities, airports, courts and prisons, mental health facilities, Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, EPA, National Park Service, unemployment insurance, disaster relief, Department of Defense and Homeland Security all represent taxation as citizen and property care and protection.

Some tax dollars are no doubt misspent or wasted, but the preponderance of evidence shows taxes solve problems, provide jobs and relieve suffering. That sounds like a gift members of a democracy award each other, not a crime.

Sam Alvord


Enjoy the smoke

Thanks to all the environmentalists, we are choked out of the Rogue Valley by smoke.

They don't want logging, thinning, grazing, they want more acreage for monuments, more wilderness areas, no firefighting in wilderness areas. We can't fight fires anymore, we manage them now. They fight us through the Ninth Circuit of Bozos in San Francisco.

I have lived for 60 years here, except for four years to serve our country. This is not normal for Southern Oregon! I am sorry that they you screwed up California. Please don't retire, move to Ashland and try to save Southern Oregon, we have managed our forests and wildland fires for over 100 years. It has worked well for us.

If you need to apply your extra time to a good cause, help the homeless that litter the streets of Ashland. When you gather for your weekend hike at the Pacific Crest Trail, Hobart Bluff trailhead, Grizzly Peak trailhead, or wherever you go, take your pack of cigarettes so you get the full rewards of your efforts!

Brad Hewitt

Rogue River

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