Letters to the Editor, Oct. 9

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 9


In the coming weeks experts will search for a reason. In the end, they’ll likely determine the shooter was a normal man, acting in a normal way.

If that’s an unsatisfying conclusion, consider the people (especially the men) in your own life. How many have become increasingly isolated and angry? How many have become obsessed with firearms?

When a large portion of our society acts as if they’re preparing for armed conflict, we shouldn’t be surprised when, occasionally, their prophecies are self-fulfilled. I don’t believe there are easy solutions; however, I do believe in kindness.

Call your brother, your dad, or your friend today. Even the worst days are made better by a call from a person that cares about you.

Jon Sullivan


Weapons created tragedy

Weapons that belong in the military, not main street, created a national tragedy in Las Vegas. They were not weapons that hunters and sport shooters use. That massacre left me disturbed and disillusioned with our country.

Are you willing to always be looking over your shoulder at a concert, a nightclub, a movie theater, a sporting event, in a restaurant, your workplace, your church, your school? What kind of way is that to live?

It appears that we are so immune to these tragedies that after the initial shock, we express grief and then move on and forget.

That is why I encourage you to write, email or phone your representatives in Congress, your state politicians. Tell them you have had enough. Tell them to enact sensible reforms on the sale of guns, mainly rapid-fire automatic and semi-automatic guns that can be made into bump stock rifles. Tell them to outlaw lethal armor-piercing ammunition.

Don’t wait to contact them until after you may have to go and identify the bullet-riddled body of a loved one slaughtered by a complete stranger who was able to easily obtain the weapons to kill masses in minutes.

Patricia A. Rickert

Grants Pass

Public must stand up

Two questions commonly asked in interviews since the horrific deaths in Las Vegas: What was his motive? Do we need more hotel security?

The first is always posed after a shooting involving a deranged person. The fact is, it happened and will continue to happen as long as Americans allow it. When will we say enough of this madness?

An opinion that the Second Amendment allows people to own all manner of guns should not rule our legislatures. The public must stand up to the pro-gun mania. It is time to bring sanity to bear on the sale of guns in this country.

We are OK with safeguards that deter terrorism. We must realize that guns like those used in the mass murder in Las Vegas are the same tools used by terrorists, both foreign and domestic.

Why is it the idea of a right to bear arms in the Second Amendment outweighs the right to peaceably assemble that is enshrined in the First Amendment? Why may an individual own weapons that can kill or wound dozens to hundreds of people? Society should not live under the burden of mass violence because of an interpretation of the “right to bear arms.”

Manuel De Aquino


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