Letters to the Editor, Oct. 8

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 8

Stop using plastic

Recycling efforts that we Americans have come to rely on are in their death throes, for numerous reasons, mostly due to China's rejection of our contaminated products.

No longer can we spoiled and entitled Americans ship our plastic and other refuse to other countries for them to deal with. This has huge implications for this country, and we will soon be overrun with refuse that our landfills cannot contain.

I believe that plastic (a petroleum product) is a scourge on our planet, and if things continue the way they are, we will soon be choking in our own garbage. What is to be done? We need to change the way we package products, to compostable alternatives (they are out there but not taken seriously, yet). Things like milk, shampoo, etc. used to be sold in glass containers, but now almost everything is in plastic.

We may be forced to return to the days of reusable containers, which will be a blessing for the planet. No doubt the current administration, friends with the oil industry, will not support this effort, but we all need to speak up and demand the end of disposable plastic.

Katharine Lang


Credit agencies out of control

Imagine a burglar vandalizes your home and later sends you a text apologizing for the destruction and also offers to monitor and protect your home for a monthly fee.

You’d be outraged — yet Equifax and other credit agencies freely get away with similar conduct. Without your permission they gather all your personal data, including Social Security numbers and driver license info. They not only fail to take necessary precautions to protect your data, but if you want to protect your identity by freezing your account they charge you a fee.

Instead of investing in securing their leaky security systems, credit agencies spend tons of money lobbying Congress to gut regulations that protect consumers. U.S. Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Brian Schatz have introduced legislation that would help protect consumers from companies like Equifax. But this legislation is going nowhere because of a lack of Republican support.

Instead of protecting consumers it seems that House Republicans like Oregon Congressman Greg Walden support the credit agencies. As an Oregonian I would like my congressman to support consumers, not big credit agencies. It’s a shame that Greg Walden is more concerned with pleasing lobbyists.

Howard McEwan


Protest not disrespectful

This letter is in response to Mary Carver's. She said how "fed up" she was with "those ... who refuse to stand for the anthem ... Send them to the funeral of a soldier ... Then ship their disrespectful butts to someplace like Iran for a month."

I suggest she take deep breaths and release them slowly to ease her frustrations. Free speech and peaceful protest is a cornerstone of our democracy. Taking a knee as a protest has nothing to do with disrespect for the flag. It has to do with protesting being treated as secondhand citizens in one’s own country.

I support those who protest peacefully and have been to a soldier's funeral: my brother's. When he went to fight and I disagreed with him about going, he lovingly assured me he was going so I could have the right to protest his very action, should I choose.

So yes, think of our soldiers and the freedoms for which they have given their lives. It wasn't for the flag; it was to uphold the freedoms and constitutional rights of our all our people, including those who struggle for equality and for Mary Carver, in all her vindictive frustration.

Cara Davis-Jacobson


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