Letters to the Editor, Oct. 6

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 6

Mass murder USA

Cigarettes don't kill people, only those who smoke.

Assault weapons don't kill people, only those who use them to commit mass murder.

In the day of single-shot muskets, in their wildest imaginations, did the Founding Fathers, in the creation of the Second Amendment, ever imagine the public could legally have access to assault weapons?

There were 273 mass shootings in 2017 (four or more deaths), most accomplished with assault weapons.

Not smoking saves lives; could the elimination of assault weapons have similar results?

Dan Ginther

Central Point

Cherish each other

I woke up to the news of the mass shooting in Las Vegas. Like all of you, my reaction is one of horror, disbelief, and tremendous sadness and grief.

While this will be the focus of the news for days, reliving the suffering and grief of many who have lost their lives, been injured, their families and friends, I would like for us to think of those we love, cherish them today, let them know they are loved, mend fences and live each day as if it were our last. Our pastor, Laura Lee Kent, says there is no room for hate in Christianity, God wants us to find ways to be loving.

I am always dismayed when people think that violence is the answer to problems. Whether it be an individual, group, or a country, it never makes things better. We always pray for peace, and I usually interpret that as peace for our world. But it truly means peace for each other that radiates out to others to make life good for all of us.

I am heartsick. I am praying for all of us, each and every one.

Jill Wolcott


Show hate to no one

This year, 2017, is a very important year for the Jewish people all around the world and if it's important to them, it's also important for us. The Jewish people touch our lives in so many ways, medically, science, lawyers and professors, to mention a few.

Now, for this year, 2017, this is a Jubilee year. One hundred years ago the Jewish people got their land back (the Balfour Declaration). Seventy years ago they became a nation when the Jewish Knesset voted on it. Fifty years ago the Jews took back the Temple Mount and 2,000 years ago, Christ was born. The reason for this letter is that anti-Semitism is again raising it's ugly head and we need to do all that is in our power to put a stop to it.

God made a promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the Old Testament, "I will bless them that bless thee and I will curse them that curse thee." We need to love all people and show hate to no one.

Gordon DeVos




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