Letters to the Editor, Oct. 4

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 4

Get on with their lives?

A letter writer said people are looking for "racists behind every bush." He thinks people should get on with their lives and not just sit on a couch.

Like 12-year-old Tamir Rice. Playing in the park when cops pulled up and shot him within two seconds! Or John Crawford III who was shopping in Walmart. He picked out a BB gin and was shot. How dare a black man shop for a gun.

There are many more. There are 223 more black men and boys shot by police in the year since Colin Kaepernick's protest. Many of them were probably doing something wrong, like wearing a hoodie, walking in the street, reaching for a wallet after the officer asked for their identification, etc. They can't get on with their lives when people keep taking their lives, usually with impunity. Holy cow, man. A cop, on his own camera, said, "I'm gonna kill that (bleep)." He did. No charges!

There aren't racists behind every bush. But there are racists out there.

You really want Trump to "MAGA"? Tell him to stop fanning the flames. There aren't "good people" on that side!

Mike Curtis

Central Point

Not bad, but unfit

I don’t think Donald Trump is a bad man. I do believe our president is unfit to lead the country.

Unfortunately, he can’t see the unpresidential disorder in himself, so for his sake and ours, we need to make sure he is removed from office. Medical intervention must be his own decision. This is not said with my tongue in cheek, but with seriously considered love and concern for our president and for all humanity.

If you voted for him, I don’t blame you. You wanted change. We all wanted to make America better. There is no shame in that.

But, now we need to come together, not for party or president or any single issue. We need to speak to each other with courtesy, and to listen to each other. We need leaders who are also willing to listen to constructive ideas, no matter who voices them. We need to reinstall respect into our political process and move forward.

Please join me in letting your representatives as well as your family, friends and neighbors know the kind of change we need before it is too late to regain the courtesy, civility and responsible leadership that were once American ideals.

Patt Colwell


Kneeling — so sad!

I had no idea that kneeling was so bad and so sad! People, you had better stop kneeling by your bedside when you say your prayers, and you had best stop any kneeling in church services too! All that kneeling — so sad, so bad!

Mary Wright


Ways to protest

There are ways to protest: a rally, a sign, a letter, a song, a speech, running naked down Main Street with a sign on your back. The stupid protester who chose to disrespect the national anthem and therefore the American flag hopefully will continue unemployed!

Rosie Keegan


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