Letters to the Editor, Oct. 30

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 30

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

After reading Pat Butler's (Oct. 23) screed about Democrats, i.e., HRC, I was left with a sense of bemusement.

Did Trump return the money to donors he took from his charity to pay legal fees for his Mar-a-Lago resort, a campaign donation to the attorney general of Florida to drop the state’s lawsuit against Trump University, which he settled for $25 million in New York, or the $12,000 self-portrait? Regarding the past and sexual misconduct; I don’t recall Bill Clinton bragging, on tape, that if you are in a position of power, how easy it is to sexually prey on women (at last count 10-plus women have come forward regarding our president’s past behavior).

For a man who received five deferments during the Vietnam War and then equated his having unprotected sex as equivalent to serving; I ask, is the act of kneeling (which actually symbolizes obedience, respect, and deference) during the anthem unpatriotic?

Butler is right about hypocrisy and our president, there is none, just from those who defend him. He is totally transparent and has shown himself repeatedly to be a lying, ignorant, mean-spirited, thin-skinned, bullying, self-promoting individual devoid of all empathy/compassion.

Charles Holmgren


The last mistake

By electing Donald J. Trump president of the United States of America, voters may have made their last and final mistake. Watch for the 1493 Doctrine of Discovery, which is about ready to take over.

Donald G. Siedenburg

Grants Pass

Try using facts

The county commissioners are telling the Forest Service they are not fighting fires correctly. They claim more logging would reduce fire problems.

If that were true, the 100 years of logging we have had in Oregon would have reduced the fire danger to zero by now. Fires are driven by fuels, but primarily the small-diameter needles, twigs and other fine fuels that are richly supplied with oxygen during a fire. Large, live tree trunks do not burn readily.

Look at photos of recent burns; the big trees and logs are still there, blackened but intact. And it is the big trunks the loggers remove from the forest. We cannot log our way out of the fire problem. If county commissioners want to address the fire problem, let them try using facts, not unsupported assertions.

Rich Fairbanks

Jacksonville ​

Plastics and trash

I'm with Katharine Lang's letter on Oct. 8 concerning finding ways to reduce, or preferably eliminate, plastics.

On any given day one can look along the roadsides at floating or wadded-up plastic bags as well as bottles. The underpass by the north Fred Meyer is a perfect example. No one seems to be able to keep up with the constant sea of used plastic bags and bottles as well as garbage under and alongside the underpass and its surrounding area.

It's an embarrassment for our town, as well as a rather poor introduction into the city of Medford or Central Point coming to or leaving the airport. We drove by there Tuesday and it looked as nasty as ever.

Maybe we can help areas like this by at least going bagless; other cities have done this successfully, why not us? It sure would help minimize the “floating bags” of plastic along the roadsides and countrysides.

L. Borum

Central Point


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