Letters to the Editor, Oct. 3

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 3

Turkeys running amok

Hey, I like turkeys. Roasted with stuffing is my preference. I'm not so fond of them running amok in my yard tearing up my plants and turf.

Now, I know the city is busy. I hear the county is also. And the state people are impossible to reach. Mr. Trump might help but he is preoccupied with Rocket Man. The U.N. won't answer the phone.

Oh, well. It's only my yard. Grass, some plants that flower, ground cover, and a couple of ferns. Maybe I'll just have it paved and paint it green.

Hey, I like turkeys, I really do. On the slopes of Roxy Ann or roasted with sage stuffing.

Walter K. Thorp


Visitor from the past

Friday morning I received a flurry of texts as my family shared the news that my dad, Dave Kleen, had made the Mail Tribune.

In an article on Thursday about Tika Weeks’ fundraiser for the Medford Railroad Park, a file photo had been used of my husband and dad, in his signature striped jersey, looking on as our kids enjoyed the park. Odd thing is, my dad died 10 years ago in August. What a treat to get to see him again unexpectedly. Thank you for a very special moment.

Kelly Larson


Not afraid of Nazis

I remember my childhood fears of a German invasion, when that was a real possibility.

I don't hate those who killed my brother in 1944, or their Nazi leaders. They lost the war and then we helped them recover. They were misled, like other aggressive, killing movements around the world.

Now, we have people calling themselves neo-Nazis. I wonder why. I can't counter their claims, because I am deprived of my constitutional right to find out how they think, because they are deprived of their constitutional right to speak.

I don't fear an invasion of neo-Nazis. I fear the millions of aggressive protesters all over the country who demand an end to "hate" speech, which is whatever they define it to be.

The Nazis would have destroyed our Constitution and forced their thinking on us. Antifa, with the support of public universities, is finishing what Nazis attempted.

We also have, worldwide, with similar aggressive goals, near a billion people who claim superiority, hate Jews, and whose leaders admire Hitler. They do not call themselves neo-Nazis.

If your argument is weak, silence the opposition.

Ira Edwards


Only the best

We like to exclaim "we're number one" to all and sundry, when the situation we're in can only be described as surreal.

The "leader of the free world" is a hideous combination of Hitler, Caligula and Homer Simpson, presiding over a situation that shames and demeans us.

I'm speaking of Puerto Rico, that rich port in the Caribbean, which now can only be described as a septic sponge, thanks in part to a hurricane, and to the crushing indifference and incompetence of the Trump (mis)administration.

Barges loaded with essential supplies lie idle at the port for lack of anywhere to go.

It seems the chuckleheads in charge have forgotten we have the means to project military power anywhere in the world on a day's notice but no plan to airlift those supplies inland while the heroic mayor of San Juan wades waist deep in septic water with who knows what dread diseases in it, desperate to do something, unlike our glorious leader, who's hacking up a golf course somewhere or writing bizarre or insulting tweets.

Meanwhile, our nation weeps.

William J. Mac Bean

Central Point

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