Letters to the Editor, Oct. 18

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 18

Lemons to lemonade

Fifteen years ago I served with Alan DeBoer on the Ashland School Board. Then, like now, money was tight, class sizes were expanding and folks in Salem were simply wringing their hands.

Alan had the common sense to recognize an opportunity for the large number of non-enrolled home-schooling families and the district. Providing a resource center for these families and creating a revenue stream for the district was a win-win solution.

With his lifetime of business acumen combined with his perseverance in the face of opposition, the Willow Wind Learning Center was created. Its 44-acre campus now serving 200 students came at no cost to the district. The revenue created by each hour a student was back in “the system” has paid for the land and classrooms.

With Salem in an economic death spiral we can use this common sense, business savvy and grit again.

John Maurer


Re-elect Stromberg

The choice for mayor is a simple one. Does Ashland want an inclusive mayor or a divisive one? Do we want a mayor for all of Ashland, or one who panders to a perceived constituency?

Mayor John Stromberg has been an inclusive mayor, gladly willing to listen to all sides, to invite all to the discussion. In contrast, Carol Voisin is a divisive councilor, unwilling or perhaps unable to work with the council, community leaders, and staff to achieve anything. By working with people, John was instrumental in finding funding for the Ashland Forest Resiliency Project. Carol counted deer. The choice for mayor is simple.

I support John Stromberg for another term. John is a thoughtful leader who balances the needs of citizens, local businesses, the arts and the environment. We are fortunate to have John as mayor of Ashland. Please give John Stromberg your vote for another term.

Russ Silbiger


Thomas deserves vote

I believe Jeff Thomas deserves our vote for county commissioner.

I have worked with him for five years on the Medford School District Budget Committee and other school matters, and found him to be a man of honesty and integrity. During that time he demonstrated outstanding leadership guiding the district simultaneously through a difficult strike and a difficult leadership transition. He manages a business in Medford and therefore is cognizant of county policies favorable to job creation.

He uses a very direct and practical approach, believing local action superior to “flying to Washington and begging for money.” His focus is on county-wide issues, not special interest groups, and as such he does not accept special interest contributions.

We should elect Jeff Thomas county commissioner.

Jim Horner, chairman, Medford School District Budget Committee


Re-elect Gordon

We have known and worked with Councilman Dick Gordon for many years both personally and professionally. He has always had the best interests of the city and its citizens in this capacity.

We sincerely hope those of you in Ward 1 will return Dick Gordon to the Medford City Council.

Dennis and Judy Barr


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