Letters to the Editor, Oct. 13

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 13

Fix the creek

I read about the hole allowing the creek to flow under a concrete barrier. I went and appraised the situation.

There are plenty of big rocks and overburden right there to plug the hole. Even a path off Jackson Street to back in a semi and tracked backhoe across the bike path. Easy fix.

Jim Katz


Postal cheaters beware

As a clerk at the Medford Post Office, I see a lot of what can only be called fraud. So here is a list of what is not valid postage:

  • A Christmas or Easter Seals sticker

  • A wounded warrior sticker

  • Any sticker

  • A corner of the big facsimile stamp cut out to be the size of a valid stamp

  • Handwritten "stamps"

  • Re-used stamps

Yes, we run most of our mail on automation, and it is possible the machines won't catch your trick; however, realize that down the line your mail will also be looked at by clerks and mail carriers. Would you rather I send your letter back to you now, or wait until the IRS or Pacific Power sends it back weeks later? The choice is yours. Omitting your return address won't get you off the hook either. Your bills will then be forwarded to the Dead Letter Office in Atlanta, Georgia.

Seriously, at 49 cents to mail a letter anywhere in the U.S., we are nearly the least expensive postal system in the world. Please use a valid stamp or stamps, and save us all some grief.

Karen Gordon

Central Point

Profits over people

So, let me get this straight… Profits for American business “trumps” the American taxpayer? Profit over people?

As the Treasury secretary was quoted Oct. 12, businesses enjoying these massive tax cuts (and that is precisely what is proposed) would “pass on those benefits to workers.” Haven’t we heard this failed “trickle-down theory” before? They must think us fools.

While this “great, great, great” (Trump’s words) tax plan remains devoid of specifics, other components have been well identified, such as abolishing the estate tax. And just who might this affect? Estates valued at over $5,490,000 in 2017. Per the IRS, the exempted property may consist of cash and securities, real estate, insurance, trusts, annuities, business interests and other assets. Do any Mail Tribune readers personally know of anyone that fits that description? Really?

And so who is Trump (and his lackey, Greg Walden) looking out for? It sure as hell ain’t the middle dlass.

Alexander Pawlowski


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