Letters to the Editor, Oct. 10

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 10

Thanks for thoughts

Two separate letters in the Oct. 5 Tribune really spoke volumes. Thank you Dasja Dolan ("Divider in chief") and Marcia Simon ("People are migrating") for your thoughts on the issues causing so much division in our country today.

Mary Lewis


Racist cartoon

On Oct. 4,​ ​the Mail Tribune published a political cartoon which I deem to be racist. It reads, white American men are our most dangerous threat.

I wonder if the Tribune would have published it if it read, black American men are our most dangerous threat, or Muslim American men are our most dangerous threat.

Maynard Telpner


Morally reprehensible

I just saw the anchors or members of Fox News sitting there trying to put the blame on Atheism in the Las Vegas shooting.

I am an atheist, and I am disgusted at what I saw and heard. They just sat there telling people that if you don't believe in "their god," then there is no possibility to ever have a moral code or a barometer.

I don't need a magical fairy living on a cloud to tell me not to go around mass murdering, raping or stealing. If your god or holy book is the only thing keeping you from doing those things, you don't have morality. There is a little thing called "empathy." Mayhap you have heard of it?

Theists, you do not have a monopoly on morality, and Fox News, you need to apologize for using this terrorist attack as a means to promote how "superior" your so-called faith is, because what you just did by trying to push the blame on that, is morally reprehensible and disgusting.

Jesse Chenoweth



Since 1828, the Democratic Party has brought us ownership of human beings (slavery); President Jackson's seizure of Native Americans' land; Roger B. Taney, slave owner, Supreme Court justice and author of the Dred Scott decision; the Civil War; the Klu Klux Klan, the terrorist arm of the Democratic Party; legislation enacting poll taxes, Jim Crow laws and literacy tests; Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.V.), a Kleagle of the KKK; erection of statues of Confederate war heroes; school segregation. Oh, and the anti-slavery, pro-civil rights Republican Party! Recently, the Democratic Party gave us the disastrous Affordable Care Act, filled with a huge array of perverse incentives, subsidies and crony capitalism that distorts American health care, increases costs and makes physician access very difficult. Between premiums, deductibles, co-insurance and co-pays, many families must spend up to $20,000 before the insurance kicks in.

Recently some Democratic senators joined the socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders' "single-payer" scheme. Translation: The same type of non-elected, feckless bureaucrats, like those responsible for the Chetco Bar Fire (200,000 acres and $150 million) will "manage" our "free" health care. Vladimir Lenin stated: Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the socialist state. Welcome, comrades, to the Democrats' socialist dystopia!

Michael Rofter


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