Letters to the Editor: Oct. 1

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 1

Anger is a tad much

Man, the anger over NFL players' protests outlined in Wednesday's MT seems a tad much. What happened to the ideal of peaceful dissent as a cornerstone of our democracy, even for people who make a lot of money playing a game?

As a veteran, I like to think I served for that bigger ideal than for a perceived compulsory allegiance to the flag. Plus, I bet most of you allegedly giving up the NFL will be back in front of the TV before the end of October. Better fetch that Seahawks jersey from the trash before garbage day.

Jeff Palmer


What to do with kneelers

I'm so fed up with those, particularly in the NFL, who refuse to stand for the national anthem. I suggest making a handful of them do two things: First, send them to the funeral of a soldier! Then ship their disrespectful butts to someplace like Iran for a month! See how they feel about our country after that!

Mary Carver


Disrespect of free speech?

The question was posed about the NFL sideline protests during the playing of the national anthem. Although I don't see the choice between the two as mutually exclusive, to many the can be polar opposites.

"Drain the swamp." Is that disrespect or free speech? I think both.

"Lock her up." Is that disrespect of free speech? I think both.

Not standing for the national anthem? Is that disrespect or free speech? I think both.

"Get that son of a b---- off the field ..." Is that disrespect or free speech? I think both.

Supreme Court Associate Justice Robert Jackson in a 1943 majority opinion was quoted by the Washington Post in an editorial that was reprinted Tuesday in the Mail Tribune. His point needs to be repeated. "To believe that patriotism will not flourish if patriotic ceremonies are voluntary and spontaneous, instead of a compulsory routine, is to make an unflattering estimate of the appeal of our institutions to free minds."

Larry Crain



In light of the fact that we have had a scary natural disaster summer, I was wondering how far along Jackson County is in being ready for a disaster (i.e. a major earthquake along the Cascadian fault).

I have taken classes with some very knowledgeable folks, have begun to prepare for my own family and have tried to spread the word to friends and neighbors with some success. How ready is Jackson County for other eventualities, such as transportation, communication, public health and safety, food, water, etc.? How connected are all the services we will need (police, fire, first responders, hospitals, etc.)?

Personally, I feel better being prepared, but would feel better if I knew our county was on the same path!

Arlene Aron


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