Letters to the Editor, November 28

Letters to the Editor, November 28

Liberals 'affected mentally'

Your editors continue printing letters from liberals who seem to have been affected mentally by Trump's election. Frequent flyer Michael Steely claims 1,628 false or misleading Trump statements that "fact checkers" (no source) keep track of. A Harvard study showed CNN leads in negative Trump stories with a whopping 93%! Fox has the lowest and still over half negative at 52%.

He goes on, "the long debunked" Uranium One "conspiracy" which the facts show Clinton and Obama approved a deal allowing our enemy Russia access to 20% of our uranium. No mention of the DNC paying millions for a phony "dossier" to hurt Trump. He continues on about Trump's "dismal job performance. "

Let me help.

Unemployment at a 16 year low with 1.7 million new jobs.

Stocks breaking records over 40 times this year.

Illegal immigration down 60% according to Washington Times and politifact.

A conservative appointed to balance the liberal Supreme Court to mention just a few of his accomplishments.

Your readers probably haven't heard these facts because of the liberal bias in your sources and your paper.

I'm one of 60+ million "Deplorables" saying "keep up the good work Mr. President!"

Rick Nelson


GOP's 'dangerous' tax cut

Congratulations! You get a tax cut ...

If you; own a private jet, inherit more than $11 million, own a pass-through corporation — like mine — or a hedge fund or lobbying firm. Or especially if you are a one-percenter or mega-corp, stashing profits and jobs overseas.

Too bad if you are an average taxpayer deducting medical expense, student loans, are disabled, use Medicare (cut 25%), Medicaid or Social Security, can’t afford the doubled health insurance costs or make less than $75,000 per year.

Don’t worry, because "they" tell us it will “trickle down” — even though it never has — and not gush up, like it always has.

I have owned and run businesses for 37 years with up to 60 employees and was a GE Area Manager for over a decade. Never in all those years of tax changes have I ever done or heard of jobs created or wages going up due to a tax rate change. Tax cuts always go to the bottom line for the execs and stockholders. Jobs are only "created" for a business need.

Twelve million Americans losing health insurance and $1.5 trillion in added deficit. This is dangerous irresponsibility to keep the donor/bribers happy.

Dan Davis


Manson's 'resting place'

So someone wants to give Manson a "proper resting place that he deserves"? How about we chop him into little pieces and flush him down the toilet?

Noni McCrillis



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