Letters to the Editor, Nov. 7

Letters to the Editor, Nov. 7

Move the solar farm

It is likely that the proposed Rossanley solar project will not be able to overcome the LUBA decision.

Renewable energy is still very important, and a viable site that would not use EFU lands does exist.

Back around 2010, the airport under Bern Case was considering a proposal to use airport property in Medford off Whittle (behind Hubbard’s Hardware) for a large solar project. Since the land lies within the approach way for aircraft, it can not be used for housing or schools. It has nearby high power lines on the northwest side of the property, which would substantially reduce infrastructure development costs, and is surrounded by a high chain-link fence.

As the original solar plan was being developed, it was scuttled because of the economic downturn following the collapse of the housing market.

Rather than expending time and resources appealing the LUBA decision, the developers of the solar project might consider working with our new airport director to move their project to the Whittle site. That way, our region could both preserve high-value farmland and reduce its carbon footprint.

David R. Gilmour, former Jackson County commissioner

Central Point

Let Native Americans decide

While I appreciate the time put into it, I don't understand why the solution to the issue of the Dead Indian Memorial name is even being discussed among the Jackson County Board of Commissioners, Roads and Parks Department, and the citizens.

It's my thinking that this is an easy fix. Somebody from one of these boards needs to pick up the phone and call a leader from one of the confederated tribes of Native Americans, locally or federally, and pass the concerns off to them.

It doesn't matter if the tourists don't like it; it only matters if the tribes don't like it. Let them discuss the issue, make a ruling as to whether the road name is offensive to them or not, and if it is, let them decide what to call it. If they already weighed in on the name and signed off on it, then leave it be. I think the idea of non-Native Americans trying to solve this ongoing dispute is more offensive than the name possibly is itself.

Suzanne Mathis McQueen


Thanks for generosity

Last Sunday evening we went to MacGrath's Fish House to celebrate our friend's 91st birthday (my husband is also 91 and both are World War II veterans).

When we were ready to pay, the waitress told us that someone who had been sitting near us had already paid our check.

We want to thank the generosity and kindness of those folks, and to say that nothing so wonderful has ever happened to us. We will never forget this happy experience.

Ray and Edie Ayers


Thanks to LUBA

Thank you LUBA for saving the best farm land. Once land is covered over it's gone forever.

Katherine Harris



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