Letters to the Editor, Nov. 6

Letters to the Editor, Nov. 6

New species of man

My daughter, the armchair anthropologist, just called to say a new species of man has been identified. Awaiting scientific nomenclature, he is being called the FoxNewsCurmudgeon.

He is usually angry about sharing and/or change, can often be found drinking Fox News Kool-Aid, and seems to identify more closely with the Caucasian race. He claims to have Christian values, but there is little evidence of them in his speech patterns or behavior.

If anyone can provide a clue as to how to interact with this new species, please let it be known.

Carol SeCoy


In tears

I can't believe I am truly seeing this. However, while driving on Interstate 5, I have seen kittens and dogs that appeared to have been thrown on the road to be purposely disposed of.

I have hesitated in writing about this because it is so disgusting. However, I am in shock! If you see anything that appears to be suspicious please try to get a license plate number! These people need to be punished!

J. Hess

Rogue River

A perfect compromise

Trump's Chief of Staff John Kelly's imbecilic notion of "compromising" on the Civil War, as well as those involved during the war's beginning, fits perfectly into the Washington, D.C. day-care center's daily chaos.

However, not to worry, for there is a perfect compromise: the same amount of black slaves per the same amount of white slaves at any given time; the latter, of course, ruled by black masters. Let's see if the crackers can handle it.

Stephen Duclos


A note of thanks

After more than 25 years in the Rogue Valley, my husband and I made a huge decision to move to the Oregon Coast.

Since October 2016, I have been commuting to Ashland to take care of my clients every other week at renú: a hair salon. I decided last spring to try to sell the salon and my business, so I could quit the commute and pursue a new career in health and nutrition, and to be at the beach with my husband and dogs full-time.

The business did not sell, and is now permanently closed. The rest of the staff has moved to various salons throughout Ashland.

I want to express my deepest thanks and gratitude to the Rogue Valley community for the many years of support and love.

I wish you all much joy, good health, and great hair!

Shannon Christopher


Pray for our country

Listed below are some of the things that can cause our nation to be destroyed: a lack of compatibility between the two political parties, the news media's hatred for our president; our $20 trillion national debt; the NFL players disrespect for our flag and the national anthem; the attitude of "white supremacy (we are all the same in God's eyes); the "shadow government" and the "deep state"; "Black Lives Matter" (actually it should be All Lives Matter because we are all precious in God's sight.

There are many more concerns, but this is a good list to start praying about. Our nation is at a tipping point and it would not take much for us to go over the edge. Please pray for our country.

Gordon DeVos


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