Letters to the Editor, Nov. 5

Letters to the Editor, Nov. 5

Save .0145 minutes!

No one will notice the speed limit change on Interstate 5 in Roseburg. Driving the speed limit between Medford Exit 27 and Exit 30 at 55 mph takes 5.4 minutes. At 75 mph: 4 minutes.

It is illegal both to tailgate and to cross a solid white line — like on the viaduct through Medford. I was tailgated in the fast lane while allowing Exit 27 traffic to merge safely. I got The Look when the driver, in an Oregon State Police pickup, roared by. No lights. No siren.

A gravel truck with trailer entered at faster-than-slow-lane traffic and tried to force me over. I would have moved had I been able to. I sped up to let him in behind me: He jerked in half a foot behind me then roared to the left lane (crossing the solid white line), then moved close to me — and laid on his air horn.

OSP’s dispatcher said I should have disobeyed the cellphone laws and called 911 right then. I called when I stopped shaking.

Good Luck, Roseburg, getting local traffic to obey a slower speed limit, let alone out-of-state and “through” drivers. Don’t look for OSP to enforce the speed limit or good driving practices!

Karen Jones


Vote yes for schools

On Nov. 7, voters in the Phoenix-Talent School District will have an opportunity to say yes to excellence.

A yes vote for Measure 15-171 will allow the district to raise $68 million in bonding to fund long-overdue campus construction. Investments will ensure that elementary, middle and high schools are safe, secure and adequate for students at all levels.

Employers know that the state’s potential for economic expansion depends on the availability of skilled workers. With the passage of Measure 98 last November, local school districts now have funding to develop technical education programs that can ease the transition from school to work. Measure 15-171 will ensure that we have the equipment, labs and work space necessary for hands-on activities and instruction.

I am proud to stand with Phoenix-Talent School District to attain “excellence for everyone.” I urge you to vote yes for school bonds on the November ballot.

Pam Marsh, State Representative, District 5


Unforeseen developments

Things we didn’t contemplate as an 8-year-old:

We’d be addicted to smoking, alcohol, drugs and painkillers. We would be divorced and remarried several times. That there was such a thing as race.

Political parties would hate each other to the detriment of all. There would be helicopter parents and conversely a dad could be arrested for letting his kids walk home from the park. In New York City you can’t ride the bike or drink the cola of your choice. That my part of the debt would be $150,000.

We have come so far technologically (still not enough) but are still political and social Neanderthals. We still fight about the stupidest things. Religion, skin color, political views, etc.

We still rely on the people at the top (oxymoron alert) to solve these problems, but they only perpetuate them. I suggest we make better decisions in our lives, and find a new way of selecting powerful people.

Selecting from the candidates that are currently put in front of us is not working. Select from 10 choices at least, and not select based on a haircut and the ability to give a good speech.

Larry Fields





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