Letters to the Editor, Nov. 4

Letters to the Editor, Nov. 4


Anyone notice that trickle-down begins with trick? That’s because it is! The trick is, to convince the middle class to pay for wars, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, walls, infrastructure, did I say wars?

In an effort to eliminate Social Security and Medicare, all so the ultra-rich and corporations can get massive tax cuts, so they can hire more and pay more, cross their hearts and hope to die.

The truth is labor costs are tax deductible, so if corporations want to pay fewer taxes, then hire and pay more. We tried the other way around and the tax money saved ended up in places like the Cayman Islands (it’s still there) and unless you were (are) in a coma, you already know that.

But if you’ve forgotten, let me remind you, the last several trillion dollars in national debt were caused by tax cuts for the rich and wars, Wall street Crooks and wars, did I say wars? Maybe by telling the truth over and over, it will be deemed true. I know it works for lies. Putin knows it too.

Steve Armantrout


Smoke vs. air

I wish to partially reply to Greg Stiles' "Ripple effect" piece of Oct. 28 where he said “just a couple of months ago Southern Oregon was choking in wildfire smoke." That would be right in the middle of all that unhealthy/hazardous smoke.

We are in fact still eating smoke. Yes, it finally is less, but now we have the residuals plus the Forest Service, et al., already starting “controlled” burns all around, and the country folks will soon be doing burn piles and barrels. The fireplaces and woodstoves have already started belching in neighborhoods. Much of this smoke only goes up a few hundred feet, if that, and crashes down to the valley floor.

The seasons here now are forest fires, burn piles, home heating, burn piles and back to fires. I do not believe it's my imagination that our air quality is getting worse and worse primarily due to year-round smoke.

When do we, the mere residents of the valley, get to breathe fresh, clean air?

Tricia Peck

Central Point

Support Phoenix-Talent schools

The Phoenix-Talent School District bond measure will provide much-needed improved learning environments.

Many high school students attend class in rooms with no windows. All five schools in the district have inefficient heating and ventilation systems that make keeping the classrooms at a comfortable and consistent temperature a daily challenge.

Bond money will provide up-to-date classroom facilities that will provide opportunities for multiple teaching and learning styles. Career Technical Education (CTE) programs, which provide students education and training in fields such as health sciences, auto tech, welding and the arts are in need of accessible and modern learning spaces that will prepare students for the future.

Our students are taught by dedicated teachers and they deserve a safe and engaging place to learn and grow to their full potential. Please join me in voting yes for the students of Phoenix-Talent schools.

Sara Crawford, Phoenix-Talent School Board member



If an indictment falls in a forest, does any Republican hear it?

J. Peterson


Debasing reality

The emperor leads the parade with no clothes on.

In response, Republicans take off their clothes and claim to be the best dressed.

One such conservative told me that if mankind's abuses of the environment destroy the earth, then that is God's will. Excuse me? God wants us to destroy his creation?

So if everyone jumped off a cliff, you will say, that's democracy in action. Is this debasing our government?

This is debasing reality itself.

Click bait is now synonymous with credibility.

Tom Espinosa


A great concept

If the Republicans are intent on providing a tax cut that doesn’t add to the national debt, you would think they would include it and vote for the Alexander-Murray Obamacare Compromise Bill. According to the Congressional Budget Office, this bill would reduce the federal debt by $3.8 billion without having to take away health care coverage from millions of U.S. citizens and taxpayers.

What a concept! Make health care available and affordable and reduce the national debt.

Congressman Walden championed a bill that eliminated health care coverage for 299,000 to  465,000 Oregonians, including 64,000 of his own constituents, and it added to the national debt. Moreover, he has supported every other Republican bill calling for eliminating Obamacare and taking health coverage from millions of citizens.

It's hard to understand how eliminating your health care coverage can improve your health. It is equally hard to understand a Republican leader who will advocate tax cuts that will increase middle-class taxes and at the same time not support the Alexander-Murray Obamacare Compromise Bill that will cut $3.8 billion from the national debt.

Alexander-Murray is a great concept and our congressional delegation, especially Congressman Walden, should support it and vote for it.

George Andries



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