Letters to the Editor, Nov. 30

Letters to the Editor, Nov. 30

To get their way

When an activist group wants to force you to do something, they use one of two methods. Convince the government (fewer people to convince) to pass a law, or use the "politics of disaster." Hence "nuclear armageddon," "GMO Frankenfood" or "irreversible climate change disaster." In all cases disregarding the benefits, or not looking for technological solutions.

If the Green Jobs Bill were described as "Pay 25 percent more for your energy and get no perceivable benefit," that might be a hard sell. But if you frame it as a step to save the world, that sells a little bit better.

I don’t care if humans are responsible, there is more CO2. That could be good or bad, the jury’s out. Anyone that says they know the outcome is delusional. There are too many data points. A warmer planet avoids the next ice age, creates more fresh water and more life in general, but it might be uncomfortable for people in low-lying coastal areas. Maybe they could move.

I believe wide use of non-polluting, safe, nuclear energy and a really good $100 kilowatt-hour battery is the solution. But don’t waste my money with no benefit.

Larry Fields


Thank you, ODOT

For many years the intersection of West Main Street and Highway 238 at Bybee Corner has been among the most dangerous in all of Oregon. Following several near-fatal accidents at Bybee Corner, including some involving our immediate family members, we reached out to the Oregon Department of Transportation for help.

ODOT responded quickly; they pulled data from state and county accident reports, studied similar intersections, then proposed and implemented a redesign of the traffic lanes and signage at Bybee Corner. Thanks to ODOT’s hard work and quick response, today we all enjoy a far safer roadway. Accidents at Bybee Corner are far fewer in number and of less severity than in years past. We’d like to acknowledge Jerry Marmon, Dan Dorrell and Dan Roberts of ODOT for their excellent work.

Richard Boucher


Franklin Corbin


Going the extra mile

On Nov. 27, I was cleaning my driveway and gutter of leaves as the street cleaning truck was going up the hill and I tried frantically to get it all done before he came down my side, but to no avail. He waved as he passed by, but much to my surprise he turned around and re-cleaned my side, which I greatly appreciated.

Morton Brookler


Pets are people too

It's freezing outside! How about a clean, warm place to sleep, and fresh, unfrozen water?

I know you care about me. You probably just forgot. I forgive you, I always do.

How about the laundry room floor with an old blanket, that would be great, I'll guard the house all night, and make sure your safe. Oh, and on the way out the door in the morning, could you leave me fresh, unfrozen water, and something nourishing to eat? I'll be anxiously waiting for you when you come home, and so happy to see you. You're my family, and I love you, do you love me?

P.S. Remind the neighbors to get their pets spayed or neutered, it will save lives — honest.

Signed, your pet, XOXOX

Leslee Freeman



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