Letters to the Editor, Nov. 3

Letters to the Editor, Nov. 3

Yes on Phoenix-Talent bond

I am voting for the school bond.

My kids started kindergarten at the amazing Talent Elementary; through fifth grade. A truly great experience.

Both of my kids were identified TAG going into middle school. The teachers and administration at TMS are superb.

High school: I had a choice; Ashland or Phoenix. I am so proud of our small-town spirit and ability to rise above challenge! The same goes for Phoenix, which shares our district. Of course Phoenix High; they share our values, our neighbors and friends, and they share our creative excellence! The award-winning high school had everything our family needed to challenge our kids, including a number of AP classes.

Why would I ever separate my kids from their community to be educated in another? Not knocking Ashland High, just saying I personally did not find it to be a better choice. One of my best decisions!

Mayor Darby Ayers-Flood


Grocery carts

Taiwan and Isle de Mejeres, Mexico, require you to deposit a coin to get a grocery cart from the rack. Your money is returned when you bring the cart back after shopping.

Judy Kerr

Gold Hill

LNG is explosive

With regard to the explosive power of liquefied natural gas, which is the purpose for the proposed Canadian natural gas pipeline across southeastern Oregon, readers should be aware of its destructive power.

There are many stories to be told. The processing of the natural gas to liquefy it will be on a platform off the Oregon Coast. LNG needs to be kept 260 degrees below normal or it will "boil." But another danger is not always described, even when LNG is not "frozen."

Its insidious destructive power is described in a story I read years ago. In Union City, New Jersey, an LNG tank, "empty" for 20 years, was being repaired by welders. Steel is porous on the microscopic level. The inside of the tank was "dry," but the steel still had absorbed enough tiny droplets of latent LNG to ignite an explosion in the tank, immediately killing both welders.

I lived in Newark, New Jersey at the time, and I remember reading it in the Newark Star-Ledger as if it were yesterday, a little piece, a two- or three-inch-long newsprint column.

Fred Caruso


Delta Waters mess

When is the gas company going to resurface the mess they made out of Delta Waters — as promised?

Ed Scanlin


Suspension meaningless

Guriell should not have been allowed to play in Game 4 of the World Series. It is meaningless that his suspension won't take effect until next season.

Marilyn Huntsman

Central Point



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