Letters to the Editor, Nov. 29

Letters to the Editor, Nov. 29

Why I can’t vote for Democrats

I would like to vote for Democratic candidates from time to time, I truly would. Think about it; they stand as a party for many of the things I, too, believe in. They want to help the poor and less fortunate, they want to protect the environment, and they are for making health care more accessible for the many who are left out.

But why must they continue to side with the pro-choice movement? Come on, this is so against everything I just mentioned that they stand for. Really, with modern ultrasound, and everyone has seen babies on them by now, can anyone say that abortion is not taking a life? When I hear Hillary, say she supports a woman’s right to choose, it makes me sick! The denial a Democrat must have to actually say that! Translation: I support murder in select cases!

That is why I didn’t vote for Secretary Clinton. It is not OK to kill fetuses. We are cursing our nation before God as we continue to do this. Please, please, Democratic Party, embrace the pro-life side and watch what happens to your party and our nation.

Daniel A. Tomlinson, M.D.


Letter was inaccurate

Contrary to P. Moran’s assertion, Obama did not “... [have] the entire government, Senate, House and White House, for two years when he was elected. He got to do anything he wanted.” A bill has to pass through both houses before it can be sent to the president for consideration. The Democrats controlled the House for two years, but for only four months could they muster the necessary 60 Senate votes that would allow them to override a filibuster and bring a bill to a vote, i.e., cloture.

In January 2009, the Dems had 57 Senate seats, which included the seizure-impaired, non-voting Ted Kennedy, and Al Franken, temporarily unseated because of his contested race. That gave Dems 55 party-line votes plus, potentially, two independents. It wasn’t until Sept. 24 that Dems could muster, with the two indie votes and Arlen Specter’s party switch, the necessary 60 votes to invoke the cloture rule. That ended Feb. 4, 2010, when Kennedy’s seat went to Republican Scott Brown, giving the Senate GOP the necessary party-line 41 filibuster votes.

So, for only four months, Sept. 24, 2009–Feb. 4, 2010, the Dems had nominal control of the Senate, House and White House.

John Gaffey

Ashland, OR

Not all veterans

I am frustrated from reading letters to the editor and hearing speeches from veterans that have statements that include some version of “speaking in behalf of all my fellow veterans.”

That kind of statement supports the myth that all that served in the military are of one single mind. That is simply not correct, and it leads to the public perception that “we” vets are all alike. It is as foolish a statement as if one said “All Americans are alike.”

The military, like American society, is composed of Americans of black, white, Latino, Asian and Middle Eastern backgrounds. We are a cross section of Republicans, Democrats, Christians, Jews, Muslims and atheists. We are women, men, gay and straight.

For one vet, or anyone, to believe he or she speaks for me and all vets is hubris of the highest order.

Larry Slessler, Vietnam vet


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