Letters to the editor: Nov. 28, 2016

Letters to the editor: Nov. 28, 2016

First class jerks

As I read the recent AP story about the Gold Star family from Stockton, California, who were harassed while deplaning through the first class section on their way to retrieve the remains of their son who was killed in Afghanistan, I first felt sadness for the family in their loss of a loved one.

My second feeling was one of disgust for the people who booed this family. I surmise that none of the harassers have served our country in the military. This family will endure the loss of their son for the rest of their lives.

I say to those who behaved so crassly to this family that you may have bought a first class ticket, but your actions showed that you have no class at all.

Bryan P. Teal

Grants Pass


Basket case

Forget the basket ... we will now have a whole house of "deplorables" (in the White House).

Kathleen Bryan


Trump's unintended bonanza

Donald Trump, though not even sworn in, is already reaping benefits, thanks to protesters, demonstrators and rioters.

Every broken windshield, damaged vehicle, broken storefront window and structural damage creates numerous repair jobs and in total will add millions of dollars to the economy. Some of those benefiting: the glass manufacturer, glass wholesaler, glass retailer, transporters of materials, glass installers, insurance appraisers, automotive repair shops, auto parts stores and paint stores, just to name a few.

Another part of the equation: all the extra law enforcement, fire and rescue standing by, thousands and thousands in overtime hours. Hiring extra people to clean up the mess that the protesters leave behind.

The way I see it, the protesters have helped Donald Trump more than if he had planned it himself.

Gerold Erlinger

Shady Cove


Trump's pipeline connection

Here's a little fun fact for you on the Dakota Access Pipeline: Donald Trump is an investor in one of the companies in this operation and the head of Energy Transfer Partner donated more than $100,000 to Trump's election fund, so you can draw a line on what's going to happen the first day he's in office. This is why they are sill continuing their construction efforts.

He also told Canada to fast-track their request for the Keystone Pipeline as he'll sign that immediately. Now, if you replace the head of FEC with his rubber stamp, you can bet on the fact that a permit for the natural gas pipeline through Oregon will be issued also, since Kate Brown loves that project, too.

Frankly I'm sick of hearing Trump supporters tell the Clinton supporters to quit whining, as if these moral pillars wouldn't be doing the exact same thing if Trump lost. Will all of you just grow up! Focus on what is happening in our country.

Wendy Grammatica

Central Point

Medford's golden parachutes

Shades of Wells Fargo's "golden parachutes," the Medford Water Commission is not far behind in giving unearned generous golden parachutes.

Who wrote the "terms of separation" agreement for the departing manager? How many agreements are in the pipeline (not pigtails) to come?

Alice Berger

Eagle Point

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