Letters to the editor: Nov. 27, 2016

Letters to the editor: Nov. 27, 2016

Abolish the Electoral College

The election is over and whether we approve or disapprove, it is over.

The Electoral College overrode the popular vote once again. It has been three times in my lifetime that the Electoral College has done this.

The Electoral College was started in 1787. Is it still needed today and should it override the popular vote? Several times there has been an effort to abolish the Electoral College, but each has failed. I feel this is where we should now direct our energy.

I think the demonstrations are great and I think people who are giving their time and effort should have our thanks. But the demonstrations will end and we will not have achieved the goal. I believe the Electoral College should be abolished and it is the vote of the people that should elect a president.

Eva J. Avery


Observations on the revolution

The most recent presidential election was a revolt. The ordinary, hard-working, responsible citizens were sick of being lied to. They were sick of tens of thousands of petty, bureaucracy-created rules and regulations that made their lives unnecessarily burdensome, expensive and tedious.

They saw their health plan premiums skyrocket, while their deductibles increased as to make the policies useless. Their ordinary rights were under attack by the executive branch that refused to "let a good crisis go to waste." The president went abroad and maligned the country that elected him.

Their government betrayed them. It was no longer their servant but increasingly their master.

The president pinned his legacy on a very seriously corrupt, flawed candidate, hoping she would be able to continue his failed domestic and foreign policies. His reputation is in shambles. His signature projects, Obamacare and the Iran deal, were masked in lies to the American people. Americans wanted no part of his chosen successor. More betrayal.

Citizens realized the truth they experienced regularly in their work-a-day lives was not the "truth" being peddled by the media. Betrayal.

More important, the president destroyed his own party, casting out millions of members fed up with being betrayed. Amen.

Mitchell Rofter


Trump and climate change

In December 2009 Donald Trump signed a full page letter in the New York Times urging governments to take strong action to address climate change.

More recently one of his businesses applied to the Irish government to build a seawall to protect his golf course from “global warming and its effects.”

In line with his victory speech promising to be “president of all the people,” President-elect Trump should follow the recommendations of the 2009 letter and support the views of the vast majority of the American people who want action on climate, and a shift to renewable energy. This would be a smart way of reaching out to all Americans from the start of his presidency.

It would also validate his assertion that he will be a great leader because of his business skills. There is a strong business case to be made for climate action in the creation of good jobs, in taking advantage of the lower costs of renewable energy sources and in avoiding the escalating costs of climate disasters.

I urge President-elect Trump to reach out to all Americans and to the world in a positive way to address the real dangers and opportunities of climate change.

Robert John Scheelen



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