Letters to the Editor: Nov. 25, 2016

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 25, 2016

Respecting the office

Donald Trump’s supporters are now hoping to assure and reconcile those of us who did not vote for their candidate so that we can all come together to "Make America Great Again" for the good of the country, and indeed, for the good of the world.

I can make this promise: I will continue to respect the office of the president, something that many of Trump’s supporters, and Trump himself, failed to do regarding President Obama. And I wish Trump and the Republican Congress success in those endeavors that prove to serve our country well.

I suppose it would be appropriate to wish for and work for their success to the same extent that Majority Leader McConnell, Speaker Ryan and the Republican Congress wished for and worked for the success of President Obama over the last eight years. Seems only fair and balanced, to me.

Paul Falletta

Grants Pass

Clean up the roads

Every time I travel the Interstate 5 corridor through our lovely valley, I feel embarrassed. I am concerned that colleagues, friends and family coming to the Rogue Valley will think that we don't care. That we are comfortable with the unsightly accumulation of trash along the roadways (including Highway 62).

One is left to wonder if everyone in a position to deal with this problem is asleep at the wheel. Mayor Wheeler? The Jackson County commissioners? The Chamber of Commerce? ODOT?

Perhaps this is just some bizarre plan to curb economic growth by turning off visitors to the Rogue Valley? Clearly the first step in tempting travelers to stop in our valley is to present a positive image. We can, and should, do better.

Dirk Watson


Expressing anguish

I am utilizing the words of others, but words which express my anguish at the outcome of our election.

From my niece, a beautiful, bi-racial Temple University student: Hatred is nothing new to the minority communities in this country. But now that hatred has been given a platform and a microphone, everyone is able to see just how many people support it.

From singer/songwriter Mary Gauthier (paraphrased): My country is sinking into a poison pit from which it will take forever to climb out. It carries the weight of the faithful who follow it down, while people in power do anything to stay in power.

The Oxford Dictionary 2016 word of the year is “post-truth,” defined as belonging to a time in which truth has become irrelevant.

I believe these words aptly describe Fox News, the Republican Party, Donald Trump and the misguided individuals who voted to elect him.

Marti Hawes

Eagle Point

How big can we grow?

If Democrats had been listening to columnists such as Froma Harrop that illegal immigration and total immigration numbers are not just Republican problems, Hillary Clinton would likely have won the election. But Democrats passivity regarding social and environmental problems caused by 25 million new Americans each 10 years likely resulted in a backlash, at least on social issues.

Trump's stand concerning increased deportations and increased scrutiny about who is allowed into the country was welcomed by tens of millions. The U.S. is frankly overdue in having a national dialogue about how many people we want in the U.S. We probably should have stopped growing 100 million people ago, but we didn't. Should we wait until there are a billion Americans before we decide we have enough people? I think not.

Froma Harrop, a Hillary supporter, is the only national columnist who unrewardingly tackles this issue.

Brent Thompson


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