Letters to the editor: Nov. 24, 2016

Veterans say thanks

On behalf of myself and all my fellow veterans, i would like to thank all the merchants in the valley that provided free food and drinks to veterans on Veterans Day. We started our morning at Hometown Buffet. The roast with the carrots, onions and celery was awesome. We then visited Subway for beef and ham subs. We then had dinner courtesy of Texas Roadhouse and for dessert went to Outback Steakhouse for blooming onions. All of the young people we encountered at these establishments were super-nice and complimentary. Thank you, one and all.

Roger Hamilton

Senior master sergeant, U.S. Air Force — retired


Youths take on Goliath

Last year, 21 teenagers took hopes for a livable future into their own hands. They filed a lawsuit against the federal government, charging that it has knowingly failed to protect their constitutional rights to life, liberty and property.

The suit alleges that for decades, the government has known that burning fossil fuels is linked to climate change and resultant environmental consequences, yet they have permitted, facilitated and even promoted fossil fuel extraction and consumption. The relief these children seek is for the federal government to implement a science-based plan to avert environmental disaster. They assert that the courts are needed to ensure and supervise that solution because the other two branches of government have proven themselves unable/unwilling to act.

The League of Women Voters of Oregon and LWVUS joined other groups in support of these young plaintiffs via an amicus brief after the government and intervenor, the fossil fuel industry, challenged their right to bring suit. The League of Women Voters Rogue Valley is encouraged that the federal court in Eugene has denied the motion to dismiss. We stand with these young people as they fight for their future.

Jackie Clary, president and Shirley Weathers, natural resources chair

League of Women Voters Rogue Valley

Clinton had a lock

Few Democrats challenged Mrs. Bill Clinton. They knew she had a lock on the super-delegates and the total backing of the party bosses. The Democrat primary was rigged. The only electable primary candidate was Mrs. Bill Clinton.

A Democratic Party without super-delegates would have nominated Vice President Biden. A Biden-Warren ticket would have been a much stronger ticket. The Democratic Party needs to scrap the super-delegates and let we the people pick our leaders.

The media needs to improve. Our representative democratic government needs an unbiased press. Can the media swamp be drained? Editors print the stories made up by The Associated Press. Many voters are misled! The editors don’t care about truth.

Bills should not piggy-back. Suppose a term-limit bill is introduced. The number of years a politician can be in Congress is debated. This clean bill is sent to the president.

Our national debt is close to 20 trillion American dollars.

Bill Hartley


Our rigged election

We now know why Donald Trump called the election rigged. He anticipated he might win the popular vote and lose the Electoral College. As we all know, just the opposite happened. This is the second time in the last five elections this has happened and the fifth time in our history.

My definition of democracy is that whichever candidate gets the most votes wins. Hillary's lead in the popular vote is about 1.7 million votes. I don't think there are any other elections on any level decided this way. This antiquated system should be abolished.

I say this not as a Democrat but as an American. I do not expect Trump supporters to acknowledge that he is not the choice of America, but it is undeniable. The outrage that should have happened in 2000 did not occur because at least George Bush was a somewhat decent human being, something I cannot say about Donald. My hope is that a sleeping giant has been awakened in this country.

Tim Anderson


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