Letters to the Editor, Nov. 22

Letters to the Editor, Nov. 22

Model for youth in crisis

I want to commend your outstanding series on the lack of resources in Oregon for our youth and young adults in mental health crisis.

In 1980-'81, I was completing a post-doctoral internship in psychology at Fair Oaks Mental Health Center in Sunnyvale, California. I had a 14-year-old male patient exhibiting severe emotional disturbance with psychotic features. I referred him to the Fred Finch Youth Center, in Alameda County.

This incredible organization operates in Alameda, Contra Costa, San Diego and San Mateo counties. They provide family services, mental health services, housing, young adult services, residential treatment, and school and other educational services. My patient was in residential treatment for about nine months, returned home and functioned well in his local public school. His school district paid for his treatment.

Fred Finch Youth Centers have been around 125 years. They know how to intervene early, and change the course of a child’s life. Perhaps Oregon might want to go study their model and come back and set up four treatment centers in our state. Or, invite them to set up a treatment facility in Southern Oregon. Their web address is fredfinch.org.

Susan D. Elsom, Ph.D.


Fake news driven by greed

It doesn’t matter what our delusions are, ultimately reality will return to bite us. Despite the mountain of evidence, Donald Trump, EPA Administrator Pruitt and Energy Secretary Perry deny climate science.

While reiterating his bogus claim of personal support for environmental causes, in justifying withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, Trump continued his lying ways. He falsely claimed: the U.S. was forbidden from building coal-fired power plants; a difference of 0.2 degrees Celsius is insignificant; the U.S. contributions to the Green Climate Fund were paid out of the U.S. defense budget; and the U.S. is on course to become the "cleanest" nation on earth.

We must question where they get their misinformation. We know it’s not from the 13 federal departments that produced the 2017 National Climate Assessment Report. Compiled by hundreds of climate scientists and peer-reviewed by the National Academy of Science, the report underlines that global warming is happening, is profoundly affecting our nation and is caused by our behavior.

Presumably the Trump administration’s fraudulent claim is based on fossil fuel corporate lobbying that provides financial and political support for their anti-science campaign. Pushing us all towards global destruction, we get fake news driven by short-term greed.

M. Trocker


HPV vaccine important

The human papilloma virus (HPV) is present in approximately 70 percent of the U.S. population. There are over 200 HPV viruses, most of which cause minor problems such as warts.

Over 40 strains are easily spread by sexual, skin, or mucous membrane contacts. A dozen or so of these strains are responsible for most if not all cervical cancers, 95 percent of anal, 70 percent of oral and throat, 65 percent of vaginal, and 35 percent of penile cancers, as well as warts in the windpipe causing breathing problems. The virus can be transmitted to babies at birth.

Vaccines are available that provide strong protection against acquiring the viruses and preventing the cancers they cause. They are ineffective in treating established infections or preventing tumor formation in those infected, so it is important to get the vaccinations before coming into contact with the virus. Only 43 percent of people in the U.S. have been vaccinated. The CDC recommends vaccination for boys and girls as early as age 9, preferably before age 12. Talk to your health-care providers and insist your children receive these safe vaccinations and protect them from the HPV induced infections and cancers.

James Hoftiezer, M.D.



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