Letters to the Editor, Nov. 2

Letters to the Editor, Nov. 2

Friendly or unfriendly?

Is the Medford City Council friendly or unfriendly to business?

Consider Mayor Gary Wheeler's harassment of the Sam Jennings Company, a 94-year-old business that predates The Commons on Riverside Avenue by 90 years. The moving of the Pear Blossom festivities from downtown to the Lithia Commons, under the protest of downtown businesses. Downtown businesses relied on that one day a year to help make their bottom line.

The raising of building permit fees to local home builders during the recession raised the price of homes in our valley when people could least afford it. Refusing to accept responsibility for the flooding of Central Art Supply for years after tearing out the sidewalks and replacing them with trendy pavers.

And now the Medford City Council wants to fine local grocery stores because bums are stealing grocery carts!

How about penalizing the thieves? Grocery stores operate on thin margins and will be forced to pass the cost of “cart enforcement” on to shoppers. All of this makes the Medford City Council unfriendly to the tax-paying, job-creating, net-economic-asset citizens of Medford. The city councilors are the bums and criminals.

A. Kent

Central Point

Stamp out Iraphobia

Phobia once meant "fear." Now it means "hate." This gives me real perspective. I had assumed that life has give and take, win and lose, insults and credit, sometimes my own foolishness. Not true.

My third-grade teacher spanked me, allegedly because I misbehaved. No, that was Iraphobia. She hated me. In high school, I was not on the baseball team. I was slow, clumsy and weak, but the real reason was that the coach hated me. He was Iraphobic.

In medical school, an administrator did not allow me to finish my M.D. degree. Now I know why. It was Iraphobia. He hated me because of myself.

Now that I understand, I know Iraphobia when I see it. It is evil. It is hateful. Whenever anyone insults me, or prevents me from what I want to do, or doesn't give me what I want, it is Iraphobia. If you disagree with me, that is hate speech. It is hateful to examine my beliefs. It should not be permitted.

If I react violently to hate speech, that should be excused. Iraphobia must be crushed.

Ira Edwards


No common sense

What kind of idiots are running the city of Medford anyhow? I read the article about shopping carts being left all over town and am completely flabbergasted by the absence of common sense.

If I took something from a store that didn't belong to me I would be arrested for shoplifting. Has anyone thought about an ordinance making it a misdemeanor for having a shopping cart not belonging to you and not on the owner's premises? Seems like common sense to me.

How long are we going to ignore the real issue? Enabling this practice brings more of the same.

Don Paul


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