Letters to the Editor, Nov. 15

Letters to the Editor, Nov. 15

Past time for a change

As one who testified on changing the name of Dead Indian Memorial Road, I agree with recent letters to the editor on the need for change, and encourage others to contact the commissioners and the paper to make it clear that we need action to remove this blot from Jackson County.

Fifty years ago, children were not “catching a tiger by the toe.” Changing the thoughtless racism of a carelessly used word has certainly not erased the history of African Americans just as history cannot be erased by moving statues of Confederate generals from public places to museums. We name roads and erect statues to celebrate people we wish to honor; it is important to re-examine those names and statues in the light of our evolving understanding of the great harm continuing to be done by assumptions about whose history is worth celebrating.

Some residents asserted that the road’s current name was intended to be respectful. I would urge them and our commissioners to listen to those Native Americans who testified eloquently that they do not feel “respected” by this name, and to ask the Klamath people to find a name that truly would respect the first inhabitants of our lovely valley.

Susan Stitham


Shopping carts

I completely agree with Anne Dennehy about the locking mechanism used on shopping carts at Aldi in Ohio (Nov. 12). I first experienced this system in Slovakia in 2001, and was taken with the simplicity and ingenuity of the way it worked.

As Anne said, no roving carts, no hired cart wranglers, etc. I realize it would be an investment by grocery stores, but perhaps the benefit might be greater.

Karen Foster


Impeach him now

Trump's behavior is more and more damaging to our country and we all must urge our ineffective Republican Congress to at least do one good thing and that is to impeach this president before he antagonizes all our allies and starts a nuclear war. Unfortunately, this is all too likely with his belligerence and insulting tweets.

Trump disparages the heads of our intelligence services and also the judiciary which have upheld our laws and security. If Putin wants to destroy America, Trump is certainly playing into his hands.

The tax proposal he and the Republicans are putting forward does nothing for the middle class but makes the rich richer. If he thinks letting the rich pay less taxes will encourage them to create more jobs instead of salting their profits away into their offshore bank accounts, he has never studied what happened when Reagan tried this trickle-down system.

We are living in a terrifying era when so much power is in the hands of a deranged and vicious president. Please urge your representatives to do all they can to control and stop this man from continuing the destruction of everything that has made America unique and respected.

Traute Moore


Great idea

I so agree with Suzanne McQueen's Nov. 7 letter to the editor about the Dead Indian Road controversy. Best idea yet! Let the Native Americans decide what is best. Congratulations Suzanne — great idea!

Merle Fenn



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