Letters to the Editor, Nov. 14

Letters to the Editor, Nov. 14

Connecting the dots

I’m wondering if anyone has looked at the fact that under Republican administrations, our deficit has risen, whereas under Democratic administrations, it has shrunk. I think this is strategic, despite the Republican Party line that we need to curb the deficits.

The current president, when in Japan, praised the Japanese prime minister for buying American military weapons, which are now more “necessary” because of our president’s aggressive talk and saber rattling. We have military ventures across the globe, many of which are not on the public radar. So, more military spending, more spending by other countries on our military, which benefits members of Congress who have Northrup Grumman and other military manufacturing businesses in their districts, and therefore less money available to support social service programs or help out the poor and elderly or victims of climate change-related storms and fires.

Since the three constant pushes by Republicans are lower taxes, increased military spending and, less overtly, getting rid of the social safety net put in place during the New Deal, is it any wonder that deficits go up (due to military expenditures) during Republican administrations and money for social services goes down?

Sherrill Morgan


Running stop signs

Jacksonville has had a four-way stop at the intersection of Oregon and California streets since 2004. Every day, there are many drivers that don’t even slow down at the stop sign on their way out to the Ruch/Grants pass route on Highway 238.

I can only think they are too busy texting or talking on their phones to notice the big, red stop signs that are clearly visible. Other drivers try to honk their horns to wake these zombies up, but it doesn’t always connect in their brains.

Please, pay attention! Your life — and more importantly, someone else’s — may depend on it someday!

Linda Graham, Scheffel's Toys & More


Veterans' Day parade

Thank you, Medford, for the memorable Veterans' Day parade Saturday. Every single entry in the 45-minute event was well-received and appreciated by the parade-goers, with beautiful weather on top of it. The parade was reverent, joyful and optimistic.

One father and young son walking in the parade asked if I was a veteran, which I am. it's rare people ask older women if they are veterans! The boy gave me a homemade card and a handshake. The card was painstakingly printed inside by a child named Cotton. It said, "Thank you for saving our world."

Thank you, Cotton.

Karen Trefren


I support the tax cuts

Our GOP friends in Congress tell us that giving a large tax cut to wealthy corporations and individuals will result in the money being re-invested in job-creating businesses. They predict this will make the economy grow at 3 percent or more, and will give the average American family a raise of $4,000!

I’ll be happy to support this plan if the GOP will also pass a companion law requiring that all tax break money must be invested in job-creating ventures — it can’t be used for CEO bonuses, stock buyback, increased dividends or any other purpose except job creation.

Violation would be punishable by jail sentences and very large personal fines. Without such a companion law, their plan is just wishful thinking.

David Lane


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